Use of satire when it is a touchy subject

"Dear White People"

“Dear White People”

By Jonathan Lopes

Campus News

“Dear white people, please stop touching my hair!” requests Sam White (played by the wonderful and magnetic Tessa Thompson). This is among the first of many impassioned requests she makes to her white classmates to try harder to understand the plight of black faces in white spaces.

“Dear White People” is a 2014 American satirical drama film written and directed by Justin Simien. The film focuses on black students attending a college in America and their interactions with white individuals, student, faculty and administrators. Satire is the clever vantage point for which issues of race are discussed due to the fact that it draws more people in than something heavy and taboo. Continue reading

Adjuncts unite to challenge pay scales

By Laura Lavacca

Campus News

“Overworked and underpaid” has long been the mantra of the college adjunct professor. Sometimes juggling up to nine different classes on a multitude of campuses, adjuncts are some of the hardest working educators out there and Faculty Forward, a union representing educators and higher education injustices, has recognized the collapse and is calling for action. Their mission is to help the current education crisis and one of its solutions is to raise faculty pay.

Their mission statement explains that “raising faculty pay is not a school by school issue. It is a national issue. Giving our students the best learning environment possible by improving faculty conditions is not a singular wish, but a collective one.” Continue reading

Students: Protect your credit score!

By Julianne Mosher

Campus News

College is tough time for students and debt surrounds them with everything they do. Not only do they have to suffer the aftermath of bank loans when they graduate but also the increase in credit loans among these students is a huge factor that leads to stress, anxiety and overall unhappiness.

However, many students do not actually know what a credit score is. They see people using credit cards all the time but often do not know what the consequences are regarding late payments, overdraft fees or not paying them at all.
Chris Croken, corporate relationship manager for Bethpage Federal Credit Union, gave some insight as to what students should know before they open up a credit card and what the benefits are when the score becomes a high one. Continue reading

Is Dollar General becoming the new Walmart?

Greenwich, NY, store.

Greenwich, NY, store.

By Darren Johnson

Full disclosure: I actually like Dollar General as a customer. They are not a pure dollar store, though they have dollar items in every category. For example, you can buy the DG brand light bulbs for a buck, or get Sylvania brand for a few dimes more. Continue reading

COVER STORY: Spring has sprung … Now do this!

Great April Issue

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By Kevin Holt
Campus News

The coming of spring here in the Northeast means greener grass, better weather, and more fun.  While the temperature rises, temptations in the form of college nights, friends’ parties and even school sponsored clubs and events continue to become more active. These can impact a person’s concentration on the more important goals of higher education. As the holiday season and winter break end, and students get back to classes, a true test arises: how to stay focused during the improving climate. Read on for some useful tips to survive “spring fever.”
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UPDATED: Nassau CC debate team goes to nationals (with results)

debate winners2
In Cleveland

By Laura LaVacca
Campus News

For the fourteenth year in a row, the Nassau Community College’s Speech and Debate team has been crowned the Top Community College in the Northeast and the Top Community College on the East Coast. No surprise, NCC holds the record for the most consecutive wins. Most recently they won the Harper College Tournament that took place in Illinois just this past month. Continue reading

On teaching: To rate or be rated

By Robert Cutrera

Every Spring, at about this time of year, college students across America begin to plan their Fall schedules, eagerly anticipating the conclusion of their Spring semester so they may begin new courses after the summer. A few serious considerations play a big role in their final decisions: Does this course fit into my major plan? Will I be able to graduate on time if I take this class? And how good is the professor? Continue reading

Is texting hurting us academically?

By Kristina Bostley

Campus News

Today’s generation of students has never known a world without text messaging. Since the first text was sent in 1992, text messaging – or simply “texting” – has become increasingly commonplace with each passing year. Written language has evolved significantly and thus raises the question of what impact the advent of texting has had on both formal and casual written communication.
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Beware of colleges that could go broke

sweet briar copy
By Darren Johnson

Campus News

The recent announcement that Sweet Briar College, in Virginia, would close brought back some bad memories for me.

Just a few days before that, we’d gotten a postcard from the college in its signature pink color, inviting my high school daughter to an open house on campus. My daughter thought it was a cute name for a college, but an impractical choice to visit from New York, considering the school had no previous name recognition for her. Continue reading