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This February issue of Campus News — America’s college paper — is excellent, with stories by students and professors for students. We examine Obama’s free college plan, look at transferring to Molloy College, discuss Apple vs. Android, meet a guy who is proud to be a nerd, list billionaires who first received BA degrees, tell you how to use LinkedIn, how to talk to your professor, digital dating, “Ask the Adjunct,” dating your instructor (don’t!) and more!

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My investigation into the Yik Yak app

By Darren Johnson

Campus News

A couple of years ago the comedian DH Hughley in his act scoffed at the idea of cyberbullying. If a kid is being cyberbullied, “just turn off the computer,” he said. He later wrote on Facebook, “Cyberbullying is only as real as it’s allowed to be.” A lot of people disagreed with him on the site, but this leads me to my investigation of the app Yik Yak.

Yik Yak has been written about in education-focused newspapers, like this one, as well as in general media. Local school districts have had a lot of turmoil over the app. Rather than just keep reading the same warning-style articles over and over, I decided to actually download it. People are obviously using it, or there would be no debate, so it must have something to offer. Continue reading

LIU Proud of High Standards Set by Honors College: Elite Honors College leadership and academic programs converge to empower students to excel

LIU Post is capping a transformational 2014 by building upon its history of honors curriculum expertise to establish a comprehensive LIU Post Honors College. Applications are being accepted for Fall 2015. The evolution reflects a year of recognition and drive, reinforcing LIU Post’s emergence as a destination of choice for students from around the country seeking top-tier experiential education programs in a vibrant campus environment. Continue reading

Consider studying abroad

By Jen Marx

Campus News

Eager freshmen often crowd study abroad meetings, excited to learn about possibilities in England, Ireland, Germany, Australia and so forth. By the time the opportunity rolls around though, some students have decided to stay on United States soil, while others’ wishes to journey have been vetoed by their parents. Yet those who do follow their goals often return with a fresh outlook on life and experiences that they talk about for a lifetime. Continue reading

Hooking up more often begins online

student on laptop
By Kristina Bostley

Campus News

In a world where technology basically runs the world, where the term “bisocial” has worked its way into mainstream culture (defined by author Craig Hlavaty as the tendency to be preoccupied by a smart phone while in a social setting), it is no surprise that the dating world has also gone digital. While popular dating websites such as and OkCupid have existed for years, with the rise of smart phone usage many of these sites have created accompanying apps for their subscribers. In addition, there are several dating services that have been created solely as smart phone applications.

Traditionally, dating websites have required users to fill out extensive questionnaires and/or profiles in order to pair people together. But several dating apps have taken a different approach: Continue reading

Student choices in an ever-changing college landscape

By David Podos

Campus News

Should I take a traditional  on- line class or should I be in an actual classroom? Do I register for Massive Open Online Classes (MOOC’s)? Maybe that “brick and motors” class where registration is limited to no more than 25 students is my ticket; would that be the best place for me? Should I only take courses that are taught by a full time Professor, or should I take a course that is being instructed by an Adjunct Professor/Instructor? When did going to college become so complicated? Continue reading

When my GPA took a nose dive

By Julianne Mosher
Campus News

It was mid-March and I was crying hysterically. I didn’t know what to do. My grades were terrible and I was overwhelmed. The semester before I signed up for 21 credits thinking that I could do it. Now, I sat fetal-positioned on my bedroom floor looking at my notebook, praying I could just drop out of school.

Like many students at a university, I was piling work on myself trying to succeed. “I need to take 21 credits in order to graduate remotely on time,” I told my mom. She rolled her eyes and said, “You’re going to regret doing this to yourself.” I did. Continue reading

Enjoy the 5th anniversary, mid-winter issue of Campus News!

Here is our amazing 5th anniversary issue of Campus News, America’s college paper! Read how this paper started, advice for online daters, advice about GPA, an op-ed about turning from a student to instructor, a hard-luck story of a student who finally is returning to college 15 years later, a review of “The Interview,” adjunct instruction, texting, “Broom Hilda” and more!

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Happy birthday to Campus News (article)!  At five years old, it’s no longer a baby but a real kid, on its way to becoming a big kid.  While I was not there for its birth, I’m honored to have been part of its infancy (I think my first article and photo was in the second issue) as well as its time as a toddler.  I hope to be involved for the next phase (puberty?) as well as its entire lifespan. Continue reading