It’s New to You!: “Saturday Night Fever”

By Darren Johnson

Campus News and Nu2u

To some, this may seem like a weird title for “It’s New to You!” After all, this is supposed to be a column about “hidden gems” on Netflix — movies one hasn’t seen before, but perhaps should consider.

After all, “Saturday Night Fever,” the initial John Travolta/Bee Gees vehicle, was a MAJOR motion picture back in 1977. Continue reading

The top 10 things to do upon graduation


By Marie Frankson
Campus News

Graduation season is upon us. College students across the country are getting their caps and gowns and are preparing to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. You can almost feel an electrical pulse in the air, a pulse of excitement and hope for the future with a dash of anxiety. Many college graduates are thinking about what they want to do after graduation, about what the future holds for them on this journey called life. As someone who is also in their shoes, I have a few suggestions: Continue reading

The value of taking summer classes

By Robert Cutrera

Campus News

Remember when high school would let out in early June and you walked out of your classroom, breathing sighs of relief, knowing you didn’t have to think about school for at least another two and a half months? Well, that is, unless you failed a class; then you had to sign up to repeat that class in order to graduate on time. Continue reading

What to expect as a transfer student at St. Joseph’s College (NY)


Long Island Campus

By Laura LaVacca

Campus News

With a large transfer population, St. Joseph’s College welcomes students coming from other colleges with open arms. The college has many programs in place to help make the transition for students seamless. With two campuses, located on Long Island and in Brooklyn, students can choose to commute or dorm. Top ranked by U.S. News & World Report and Forbes as one of the nation’s best colleges to offer affordable tuition, expert faculty, programs and small classes, St. Joseph’s College may just be the next campus transfer students call home.

Continue reading

WITH PODCAST: The 15 people you should immediately unfollow on Facebook!

Click the image to see the 16 types.

Click the image to see the 15 types.

By Darren Johnson
Campus News

Don’t let your awful Facebook “friends” clutter your feed, and, thus clutter your mind.

Did you know you can “unfollow” your annoying friends, and they’ll never know you did? They will still be your friends, and you can still check up on these toxic posters from time to time by typing their name in the Facebook search feature.

Anyway, these are the 15 toxic posters you should unfollow immediately, in reverse order: Continue reading

WITH PODCAST: The top 10 things we hate about celebrities

By Darren Johnson
Campus News and Nu2U

Ah, celebrities. They go on each other’s talk shows and podcasts and pontificate. They go on awards shows, giving each other awards, and pontificate.

Why do we listen to them? Why listen to a celebrity’s views on vaccination when we can very easily find a scientist or doctor willing to talk about the subject? Why do we listen to their views on the political parties when thousands of actual political scientists are graduated each year? On war? On cops? On religion? Why? Continue reading

COVER STORY: Find work or work to transfer? We ask the experts what’s the right next step for you.

If you are just a first-year student, stay put and come back for a second year at community college this summer and/or fall.

But if you are a community college student nearing graduation, you have a lot to consider. Should you immediately go into the workforce with the two-year degree, or go on to a four-year college to further cement your credentials? Continue reading