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Did you know that we publish a popular printed newspaper that goes to over 30 colleges? Here’s our annual holiday issue! Click on the image below to go to the PDF! Stories on celebs who attended 2-year colleges, hospital holiday charity programs, how to ace your finals, how to handle a dip in GPA, our holiday gift guide, football, self-defense and more! Something for everyone!

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Why no one is hiring me to write sitcoms

By Darren Johnson

It’s New to You!

There aren’t many sitcoms I watch anymore. None really. Maybe I saw a few episodes of “Two and a Half Men” before Charlie Sheen was axed. Before that, maybe a few episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Yes, I watch “Seinfeld” in repeats, and have seen every episode a half-dozen times, but people tend to watch things they’ve seen before to de-stress more than anything else. I rarely laugh along with George and Jerry now. Continue reading

Transferring to a 4-year college doesn’t have to be daunting

transfer admissions student
John Tyczkowski

Campus News

Maybe you’re in the middle of your first year at your local community college, or maybe you’re starting your second. Either way, the time has finally come to start looking into the next phase of your education: the four-year college or university.

Just like the song says, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

The reality is, as great as community colleges are, you’ll need to move on to get your bachelor’s degree.

Once you’ve made that decision, however, then the trick is sorting out the nuts and bolts: Continue reading

Our annual college holiday gift guide

page10Ah, it’s the holiday season. That means it’s time for our holiday review guide. Below are some thoughts on some items we received in our mailbag and thoughts on the season in general.

This article is always tough; we try to figure out what the typical community college student may need vs. what one could afford and turn away items that don’t meet either criterion. Continue reading

How to volunteer in the New York Metro Area this holiday season

By Kristina Bostley
Campus News

The holiday season is a time for giving thanks and remembering to count our blessings. It’s a time to bring joy and cheer to our families, friends, and neighbors, to make sure they know they are loved and cared for. But for those less fortunate, the holidays can be a stressful time as families struggle to keep a roof over their heads, serve holiday meals, stay warm, and give gifts to children. It’s an important reminder amidst the chaos of holiday shopping, decorating, and get-togethers to reach out to those in our community who need a little bit more help this time of year. There are several organizations and volunteer opportunities that are seeking help to make the season a bit brighter for everyone. Continue reading

Top 6 celebrities who first attended community colleges!

brady bunch top celebs
By Kristina Bostley

Campus News

Community college is often viewed as a stepping-stone for prospective students, whether their intention is to attend a full-time university or pursue a career after graduation. According to the American Association of Community Colleges, over 7.7 million students were enrolled at the 1,132 community colleges across the nation in fall 2012.  Community college allows for an affordable education and flexibility of class schedules, and often students work full-time in addition to classes. Several celebrities chose to walk the community college path before galloping into Hollywood and achieving worldwide fame.

Here are our top 6, in reverse order: Continue reading

Nassau Community College’s 10-0 football team features top players looking to make it the next level

By Laura LaVacca

Campus News

Playing a sport at a community college may be surprising to some. Smaller crowds. Less school spirit. Not as much notoriety. But for many, a love for the game and a vision of playing for a larger school is the motivation to use community college sports as a stepping stone to something larger.
Continue reading

Top 10 ways you can do well on your college exams

By Marie Frankson

Campus News

December is here and that means final exams are right around the corner. If you’re like most college students, you’re starting to feel stressed out. Fear not, I have some tips for you for passing your final exams.

Planning is key: Take a few minutes out of your day to make a list of everything you need to do — from personal maintenance (eye brow waxing, haircut, teeth whitening, doctor’s appointment, etc.) to household chores to everything school-related (papers due, studying, test dates, etc.) In these last few days, time can slip away from you, so it’s important to plan ahead and keep track of everything. Continue reading

Culture shock! How to handle the change in grading when you go to a new college

sccc-stony sign

By Julianne Mosher
Campus News

The end of the semester is near, and you’re itching to get your latest report card. Some of you may be freshmen, some may be transfers and some may be super-seniors who have seen 10 different report cards in your college lifetime. Despite what you may be dealing with, the day the report card is released is one that can be anxiously terrifying.

There is often a stigma that many transfer college students have in which they feel that their time at community college was easy compared to when they moved to a four-year university. Continue reading

5 things the Zombie Apocalypse can teach you about being thankful for the holidays

Now that the “mid-season finale” of “The Walking Dead” is past and the holidays are upon us, let’s sit back and reflect upon what we have learned. Here are five ways learning about the zombie apocalypse can help us appreciate the holiday season:

tvrage-top-ten-the-walking-dead-gross-out-moments7 Continue reading

On TV, it’s that retro, corny time of the year

The Ecololodge TV options...

The Ecololodge TV options…

By Darren Johnson
Campus News and Nu2U.info

I’ve had sort of a retro Thanksgiving time off. It all started with what I thought was new technology, satellite radio. I was flipping around and the Howard Stern channel was pretty much playing random shows from the 1990s, give or take. These were from when the show was still on regular radio. Who listens to regular radio?

In any case, it was nostalgic. Continue reading

A Passion for Fashion Can Ignite a Career: At LIU, Fashion Merchandising students can capture the edge for success

LIU Post Fashion Merchandising student Monica Peralta, gains real-world business experiences working in The Student Body, a student-run retail fashion business on the Brookville campus.

LIU Post Fashion Merchandising student Monica Peralta, gains real-world business experiences working in The Student Body, a student-run retail fashion business on the Brookville campus.

By Danielle Mastromarino Bucci, LIU

A Fashion Merchandising curriculum launched this semester at LIU Post offers all the components for providing its students a two-pronged advantage — experts at the helm and proximity to New York City, the global industry hub, affording entree to “fashion laboratories” where they can acquire experience in real-world environments.

“The fashion industry, which employs more than 4.2 million and accounts for about $250 billion in 2013 in the United States, is a vibrant job market,” said Abby Dress, LIU Post Professor.

In the realm of fashion education, LIU Post’s offering is unique. Its curriculum allows students to combine a myriad of academic majors, Continue reading

Now on Netflix: ‘Snowpiercer’ is an icy train ride to cure your holiday ennui

By Darren Johnson

Campus News and Nu2u.info

This holiday season, are you already getting sick of seeing “The Polar Express” – that Sega Genesis looking cartoony thing – on every other channel?

Well, here’s a new take – try “Snowpiercer” – another arctic train drama – now on Netflix. But it’s quite the opposite – and very, very dark. And, because it was made in Korea (though it’s mostly with American actors speaking American English), you likely haven’t seen this before. Thus, it’s “New to You!” Continue reading