Based on probability mathematics, the Oscar protesters have a point

By Darren Johnson

Campus News

I admit — I was an English major and only took a math course in college to fulfill a graduation requirement. Like the Scarecrow in the “Wizard of Oz,” that one passing Pre-Calc grade gave me confidence to pretend to be a mathematician the rest of my life, at least when I wasn’t around people who majored in math or the hard sciences.

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Genesee CC invites public to try taking a college course

With the Academy Awards coming up, why not learn what it takes to be a screen writer? Or understand how the weather is predicted? Or acquire the latest tricks of the digital photography trade? You can learn all of these things and more with late-start, 12-week courses at GCC. Register now for the session which begins February 16, 2016. Students over the age of 60 can audit a course for free with space availability. Continue reading

Talking Heads to Nixon: U of Buffalo opens up rare archives

David Byrne, 1983.

The UB Archives has created a digital collection accessible to anyone on the website.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the photos hanging in the Oscar A. Silverman Library at the University at Buffalo speak with loud, proud voices. They seize your attention and trigger emotional memories, making the past haunting but somehow more accessible and real. Continue reading

“The Howard Stern Show” seems to be back to abnormal — and that’s good news!

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By Darren Johnson

Campus News and Nu2u

I was a bit worried about the state of “The Howard Stern Show” before the break, and wrote a somewhat uncomplimentary assessment of the show. It was newsworthy in that Stern was debating whether or not to sign a new contract with SiriusXM, and the piece got a lot of clicks. Even some PR person from SiriusXM called to chew me out a bit. But he was right, and I was wrong — the show is actually still good. I realized that over the break, and, coming back, the early shows of the 2016 new year find us with a re-energized Stern. Continue reading

Snow day? Snow problem!

Queensborough Community College.

Queensborough Community College (file photos).

By Julianne Mosher

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When it blizzards what do you do? Do you lie in bed all day? Or do you build a snowman? Do you feel relaxed that you don’t need to venture out into the snow? Because plenty of people say they do. But what about those people who get anxious when they’re stranded indoors and literally can’t go anywhere? Continue reading

Abandoned convenience store in South Glens Falls — PHOTOS

DSC_4983 DSC_4980 DSC_4985
By Darren Johnson

Campus News

I’d read about this abandoned convenience store in my local paper. Apparently, its owner just up and left a few months ago. Eventually, National Grid turned his electricity off. Local officials are worried about rotting food.

You can click on the thumbnails here to see my photos. I believe I did a better job than the local paper of capturing the real story, photographically. Continue reading