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September 2015 issue

CAMPUS NEWS has a new look! Click on the image above or click here to read the first issue of the new semester! We’ve added a relationship advice column and community college sports coverage to go along with our usual stories of student success, useful articles (in this one, we teach you that a college essay is much different than a high school one), Netflix reviews, and more. Some local colleges mentioned in this issue include Suffolk County Community College, Hudson Valley Community College, Fashion Institute of Technology, Queensborough Community College, Nassau Community College, Niagara Community College, Erie Community College, Monroe College, LaGuardia Community College, Rockland Community College and others!

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Travel: A cruise may sound good on paper

cruise ship color
By Darren Johnson

Campus News

Whoever said it’s not the destination but the journey obviously had never been trapped on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.

Their motto is “Cruise Like a Norwegian,” but my recent experience on one of their boats makes me think the nation of Norway should sue the company for defamation. Based on this, if this cruise line is what Norway is like, I don’t want to go to Norway, either. Maybe the marketers meant that this was more like a Viking funeral? Continue reading

Make yourself No. 1

Prof. Mandel

Prof. Mandel

By Jack K. Mandel, MBA
Campus News

Hey, Campus News readers, “I’m talking to YOU!”

Don’t you realize that we are at the beginning of a new semester? Don’t you realize that the timing couldn’t be better than TODAY to pursue a fresh, positive start for yourself? NOW is the time for action to take the place of excuses.

So, let me get personal! Let’s say it’s not you, but a close friend, a brother or sister, cousin or neighbor who is somehow not doing the right thing with his or her life … in short, a screw up. Continue reading

Back to School Blood Drive Slated at Nassau Community College

Nassau Community College (NCC), in conjunction with Nassau University Medical Center, will host its 21st annual “Back to School” Blood Drive on Thursday, September 24, 2015, from 9:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the College Center Building. The College invites members of the community to join its efforts and become donors at the campus site.  Continue reading

What to expect as a transfer student at St. Joseph’s College (NY)


Long Island Campus

By Laura LaVacca

Campus News

With a large transfer population, St. Joseph’s College welcomes students coming from other colleges with open arms. The college has many programs in place to help make the transition for students seamless. With two campuses, located on Long Island and in Brooklyn, students can choose to commute or dorm. Top ranked by U.S. News & World Report and Forbes as one of the nation’s best colleges to offer affordable tuition, expert faculty, programs and small classes, St. Joseph’s College may just be the next campus transfer students call home.

Continue reading

Article examines political correctness and college campuses

The cover story of the September issue of The Atlantic, “The Coddling of the American Mind,” brings up an interesting, counter-intuitive argument as to political correctness and college campus culture.

In their 8,000-word essay, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) CEO Greg Lukianoff joins social psychologist Jonathan Haidt to look at current campus trends such as trigger warnings, microaggressions and speaker “disinvitations” and examine what effect they have on students. Lukianoff and Haidt see these trends as part of a larger movement to transform campuses into “safe spaces” free from ideas that make some uncomfortable. Continue reading

Social Media Is Driving You to Distraction

Emily Cimino
Campus News

Social media interaction has been popular ever since the Myspace days, and has only grown exponentially in recent years. With the advent of Twitter and Instagram, we’re spending more time on touch screens than ever before, and with this push to condense an entire personality into 140 character updates, there has come a greater sense of responsibility about how we as individuals conduct our media presence. Whether a person is online for networking purposes or just to stay in touch with friends, there is a consciousness that we need to put everything out there to be commented on, retweeted, liked, just because. This shift has changed not only how we represent ourselves, but how we meet other people.

How many college students would seriously consider making an online profile on a dating site? Continue reading

“Moreau”: Three intertwining Netflix movies now available!

Michael York in the 1977 version of the film.

By Darren Johnson
Campus News and It’s New to You!

Anyone can review one movie at a time, but with this column, I aim to heighten your viewing experience by relating two or three movies to view together.

This time around, try the documentary “Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s ‘Island of Dr. Moreau,'” which details the failed 1996 remake of the film based on the HG Wells book; then queue up the 1977 version of “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” and finally take a look at Richard Stanley’s “Hardware” indy film from 1990. Continue reading

When my GPA took a nose dive

By Julianne Mosher
Campus News

It was mid-March and I was crying hysterically. I didn’t know what to do. My grades were terrible and I was overwhelmed. The semester before I signed up for 21 credits thinking that I could do it. Now, I sat fetal-positioned on my bedroom floor looking at my notebook, praying I could just drop out of school.

Like many students at a university, I was piling work on myself trying to succeed. “I need to take 21 credits in order to graduate remotely on time,” I told my mom. She rolled her eyes and said, “You’re going to regret doing this to yourself.” I did. Continue reading