How to avoid the “freshman 15″

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By Christine Barton

Campus News

Pizza, nachos with cheese, chicken wings  and beer might sound like a super bowl spread but it is also what many students consider the major food groups during their college years.  This is not to say that all college students dine on these convenient high fat, low nutrition meals, some actually opt to eat healthier than they did before college. Students who make a habit of these high fat, greasy meals may fall victim to the customary “freshman fifteen.”  
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Does degree = job?

By Christine Barton

Campus News

Career preparedness consists of a variety of skill sets, many of these are learned in college while others have nothing at all to do with a degree program.  The truth is that being considered “prepared” or “qualified” for a job is often in the eye of the person doing the hiring. There has been more attention given most recently to the topic of our educational system as a whole and if the United States is doing the best we can in high school and college to prepare students for the job market. The question becomes what does it really mean to be prepared for a job?   
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Students: There is still time to apply for Dr. Bill’s LEAP seminar; a Q&A

Dr. Bill and Daniel, a LEAP student

Dr. Bill and Daniel, a LEAP student

There are very few places where high school and college students can get learn “real-life” success principles. But, thousands, from around the world, have attend the non-profit, LEAP Foundation – a one-week educational, motivational, leadership program co-founded by celebrity Dr. Bill Dorfman to give students the tools they need to succeed.
Now in its sixth year, LEAP’s week-long program will be held at UCLA from July 27th to August 2nd with more than half of deserving students from around the world attending on scholarship. Students are encouraged to apply for the leadership program through July 16th via

“Dr. Bill” is most recognized as the featured dentist on ABC’s hit show, “Extreme Makeover,” and the Emmy winning daytime talk show, “The Doctors.” Continue reading

How one professor is spending his summer vacation — scaling a winter mountain

Remember, it’s always winter somewhere. And a Niagara University professor is really taking his “summer” vacation to an extreme.

Ed Hutton, assistant professor of finance and director of NU’s Financial Services Laboratory, reached the summit of Cotopaxi, a stratovolcano in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains, around 11:30 a.m . on July 4. Continue reading

Is e-learning all it’s cracked up to be?

By Maria Mirakaj Brownsell

Campus News

So you want to take a class but you just can’t get yourself on campus. Or maybe you can’t manage to get a long enough stretch of time all together at once. Whatever the case may be, online classes have become the norm.

When I was in college seven years ago, we didn’t have the option to take a class online at my school. We had to get out of bed and walk ten miles in the snow uphill both ways! Or something like that. Sometime in the past few years, this new way of getting course credit has grown exponentially, but is it all it is cracked up to be? Continue reading

Side businesses you can start after 9 to 5

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By Darren Johnson

Campus News

You may have read business advice that tells you to quit everything and follow your dreams. But I think it’s the other way around — a carefully planned business can help you attain your dreams.

Go to college and stay at it. Study the courses you love (and some you just have to; but learn to love them for what they are). Get a job in a field you like; though the pay may not be great. Fall in love, start a family if you’d like.

That is better advice. But here’s an added twist. Consider also starting a side business after-hours to really add security. You don’t have to love it. Continue reading

Enough with the fat-shaming; realize overweight people have a struggle unique to them

We all can't be A-Rod

We all can’t be A-Rod.

By Darren Johnson
Campus News

Fat people of the world unite!

So be it. About two thirds of the country is overweight or obese, according to the Internet, and even many “normal” weighing people at one point packed on a few pounds before losing it, so, perhaps 80 percent of readers can relate to this article.

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Campus sexual assault: A ‘silent epidemic’


By Jon Brien
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In March of 2014, a Harvard University student published an anonymous letter to the University in the school’s student run newspaper, The Harvard Crimson.

The letter was entitled “Dear Harvard: You Win,” and detailed in full the student’s experiences with Harvard University’s sexual assault prevention and care systems after having been assaulted by a friend in her dorm room 7 months prior. In the letter, she brought up several criticisms of the way the school handled her assault, and the lack of assistance that she received as a victim due to the specificity of the school’s definition of sexual assault. Continue reading

Review: “Tammy,” starring Melissa McCarthy, disappoints

Tammy-3By Darren Johnson
Campus News and

I really had high hopes for the new Melissa McCarthy film, “Tammy,” that opened this weekend.

McCarthy had done a round of appearances on talk shows, promoting the film, and I was reminded of her breakout, over-the-top role in “Bridesmaids” and her offbeat and watchable presence in “Identity Thief.”

Though in “Tammy,” the first movie where she is the star, we find a few laughs Continue reading

Can a zombie apocalypse really happen? Scientists respond…


By Darren Johnson
Campus News

Yes, America’s favorite TV show is going to be run in marathon format on AMC this holiday weekend starting at 9 a.m. on Friday, July 4. And if you haven’t gotten into it yet, the first three seasons of “The Walking Dead” are available on Netflix with the fourth to be uploaded later this summer. On Sunday, July 6, at 9 p.m., there will be a special “Talking Dead” that will preview Season 5, which begins in October.

I’ve bought into it — the idea of a zombie apocalypse. I’ve stocked up on a few cases of Beefaroni and an ice pick in anticipation. Continue reading

Cheating in college: Students who buy their A’s


A typical term paper “cheat” web site.

By Laura LaVacca

Campus News

For the low price of $50, you too can get a mediocre paper written by somebody else and a chance at rejection from your dream school, a zero for the course and even expulsion. Sound good? Well to some students, it does.

Both high school and college students are increasingly taking part in hiring people to write papers and college application essays. While this practice of “essay trafficking” is not anything new, it is becoming less secretive and more popular with writers blatantly advertising their services on Craigslist and other sites. Continue reading

Tips for buying and styling jeans

By Marie Frankson
Campus News

Jeans. Everyone has a pair… or two… or twenty. Jeans are a closet staple; they can be styled a million ways. In this article, I’ll highlight some tips for buying and styling that perfect pair of jeans. Continue reading

MMA needs to jazz it up or lose it all (and what the sport can learn from pro wrestling)

ImageBy Darren Johnson
Campus News

When the MMA and Ultimate Fighting became somewhat mainstream several years ago, my younger students seemed excited. They insisted that this was a real sport, and that it was way better than boxing, a sport I enjoy watching.
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Summer college courses can help you fill in the gaps

By Jonathan Lopes

Campus News

Colleges and universities offer summer courses as a method to provide year round schooling, allow students to continue their studies and as a source of revenue. Students can enroll in classes for credit and as an approach to impact their grade point average, along with their transcript. Continue reading