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“Obesity and World Hunger” talk at Nassau Community College

Ellen Gustafson, a sustainable food system expert and activist, author and social entrepreneur, will present Obesity and World Hunger – Leading Change in International Food Systems on Thursday, April 23 on the 11th floor of the Tower Building at Nassau Community College.  The Obesity and World Hunger portion of her presentation will take place at 10:00 a.m. and Leading Change in International Food Systems will take place at 1:00 p.m. Continue reading

What should instructors wear to class?

David L. Podos

Campus News

I have to admit, oftentimes I find it difficult to decide what I will wear into class when I am playing my role of a College Instructor. I think some of my angst is in how I was brought up (professionally). When I was an up-and-coming professional the customary dress (for men) was to always wear a suit, and not just any suit. Grey or blue pin stripe was the gold standard, and always a crisp white shirt (properly washed, ironed and with the just right amount of starch, of course) and at all times done by your local dry cleaners. Continue reading

The top 10 things we hate about celebrities — and it’s OK to go bug them

By Darren Johnson
Campus News and Nu2U

Ah, celebrities. They go on each other’s talk shows and podcasts and pontificate. They go on awards shows, giving each other awards, and pontificate.

Why do we listen to them? Why listen to a celebrity’s views on vaccination when we can very easily find a scientist or doctor willing to talk about the subject? Why do we listen to their views on the political parties when thousands of actual political scientists are graduated each year? On war? On cops? On religion? Why? Continue reading

An interview with a young Long Island networker

By Nate Villano

Campus News

Working in sales can be one of the most invigorating and useful trades anyone immerses himself or herself into. Gino Veneroso is a successful businessman who is currently employed at the Dover Group, the largest caterer on Long Island. “Sales was a skill that I practically stumbled upon on accident,” said Veneroso. “During my time in hospitality I was always directly in front people.” This position allowed Gino to make that direct connection with people. “Such an ability I later realized was a core prerequisite in excelling in sales.” Continue reading

NCAA Athletes Should Be Paid: Here Is How It Can Be Done

Originally written 4/1/2013; Updated for March Madness 2015, as the problem still isn’t solved.

By Darren Johnson
Campus News

Again, I’ll likely skip watching the NCAA “March Madness” tournament this year.

Yes, it is exciting when small programs make it – locally, Manhattan and UAlbany made the show as low seeds – and, from a sporting perspective, there is nothing quite like a 67-team showdown over a short span of time.

But I can’t get past one thing: These athletes are being exploited. Continue reading

LaGuardia CC basketball helps fight cancer

 Fundraising NJCAA basketball game beetween LaGuardia Lady Red Hawks and Valley Forge Military Academy in suport for a cure for women's cancer
Written by Maja M.;

Photos by Percy Alban
Campus News

All basketball enthusiasts would be thrilled with the game that took place at LaGuardia Community College gymnasium on February 13th. LaGuardia’s basketball women’s team, the Lady Red Hawks, and Valley Forge’s Military Trojans showed their determination and excellence by contributing their exceptional skills to fight against breast cancer at the Play 4 Kay fundraiser event. Continue reading