My new life on the red carpet: Why you should take your internship seriously

Julianne with dad, Scott Mosher at ‘AGT.’

Julianne with dad, Scott Mosher at ‘AGT.’

By Julianne Mosher
Campus News

Sometimes being an overachiever can have its benefits…

Starting school last year was tough. It was my first semester at a four-year institution after leaving my safe community college of six semesters. I moved from a small college that seemed easy compared to this university that had huge expectations of its students.

Working two part-time jobs to be able to afford my education, along with taking 18 credits, made my head hurt… then I decided to take on an internship. Continue reading

Date-rape drugs and the technology to combat them

health highlights icon copyBy Kristina Bostley
Campus News

After a few rounds of drinks, it’s often difficult for young adults to keep track of their drinks — and their inhibitions. The incidence of date rape has climbed steadily throughout the years, and despite the staggering statistics surrounding the touchy subject, they continue to rise. In addition to informing women and men about date rape, researchers around the globe have been developing ways to target and combat drugs commonly used by rapists.
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Back to School! READ the September issue of CAMPUS NEWS!

Campus News 10-1

Read the PDF of the September issue of Campus News, the popular student paper that hits community colleges in the Northeast. Stories on being successful as a college student, protecting yourself from campus rape, college dorm buyer’s guide, Netflix reviews, an inspiring internship story and more! Go to

Welcome to college: The 10 things community college students need to do to succeed

student on the steps of success
Whether you are a freshly minted freshman, a returning sophomore or a part-time student taking courses here and there, you have to admit, going to college is not like anything you’ve ever done before.

And going to a local community college can be even more jarring to your reality. When you go away to college, they have whole staffs to get you orientated, ice-breakers so you can meet new friends and credit-bearing “freshman experience” courses to tell you the ins and outs of being a student.

A local community college may have some of the above, but the sheer volume of students compared to the resources available makes finding your path as a college student a little more difficult. But the tools needed to achieve success for a college student are there.

Use these 10 tips to blaze your path through your first two years of college: Continue reading

Five Underrated Rock Bands That Could’ve Benefitted From a Name Change

By Darren Johnson
Campus News

One thing I’ve noticed about people under 25 is that they no longer wear rock T-shirts, at least not from current bands. I do see plenty of teens and young adults in shirts with band names from yesteryear — Nirvana, the Ramones, Hendrix. These show great taste.

But there were other great bands from back in the day. Just they haven’t stood the test of time as well. I think it’s because they had bad band names.

These are the top 5 bands that really rocked, but aren’t as revered today as they should be, in part, because of their band names, in reverse order: Continue reading

Stop ‘slut-shaming’ on campus!

By Marie Frankson

Campus News

You all have seen her — the beautiful girl who has no problem showing off her curves by wearing a short skirt and v-neck top, her exaggerated walking and swaying her hips more than the average woman does, the girl who always seems to have the guys’ attention whether warranted or not…the girl who gets called a slut for being comfortable in her own skin and being confident in herself.
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On Netflix: Two films that could have ended differently

large fatal attraction blu-ray5 liebling
By Darren Johnson

Campus News and

Welcome back to “It’s New to You!,” my irregular column on finding hidden movie and TV gems that may be a bit older, but, because you’ve likely never seen them before, they are, for all intents and purposes, “new” to you.

What I’m trying to convey is not just purely informational. Having an ethos of enjoying the obsolete or forgotten can be as much fun as getting the latest iPhone or whatever – and is much cheaper. That’s part of the fun of being a “new to you” type – finding hidden gems in the bargain bin. It’s a lifestyle.

That’s exactly the mentality Sean Pelletier shares in the excellent documentary “Last Days Here,” Continue reading

Legacy media: Will I someday be driving this old car?

old-car-books-video copy
By Darren Johnson


Driving through Brockton, Mass., on my newspaper route, I passed by this car on a road my GPS took me on. After a half mile or so, I had the urge to U-Turn, go back, and snap some photos. I probably will have a use for one of the pics some day, other than for this chat.

I often write for publications, so perhaps this photo can be inspiration for one of my essays. A common theme of mine is “the changing media.”
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Princeton Review names RIT among best colleges

Rochester Institute of Technology is again being recognized by The Princeton Review as one of the nation’s best universities for undergraduate education. The education-services company features RIT in the just-published 2015 edition of its annual book “The Best 379 Colleges.” Continue reading

Prof. Mandel: Get with the program, and here is how

By Prof. Jack Mandel, MBA

Nassau County Community College

Congratulations!  You’ve made it into the college of your choice…and hopefully it’s not going to merely be an extension of your high school experience (hence, “13th grade”).

Challenge yourself (and I am NOT referring to getting a good parking spot) for this opportunity for personal growth and enrichment.
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So you have a “useless” major, journalism… (It’s up to you to make your major relevant.)

By Darren Johnson

Campus News

Ugh! Journalism is turning into one of those “useless” majors. Tell your parents you want to go to college to study that subject nowadays, and you’ll see that same look they had at Aunt Martha’s funeral. Such a waste. Did she have to go so young?
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How to avoid the “freshman 15″

exercise-bw copy
By Christine Barton

Campus News

Pizza, nachos with cheese, chicken wings  and beer might sound like a super bowl spread but it is also what many students consider the major food groups during their college years.  This is not to say that all college students dine on these convenient high fat, low nutrition meals, some actually opt to eat healthier than they did before college. Students who make a habit of these high fat, greasy meals may fall victim to the customary “freshman fifteen.”  
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Does degree = job?

By Christine Barton

Campus News

Career preparedness consists of a variety of skill sets, many of these are learned in college while others have nothing at all to do with a degree program.  The truth is that being considered “prepared” or “qualified” for a job is often in the eye of the person doing the hiring. There has been more attention given most recently to the topic of our educational system as a whole and if the United States is doing the best we can in high school and college to prepare students for the job market. The question becomes what does it really mean to be prepared for a job?   
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