Movies that aren’t worth $12 or even $5, but are great at $1.50!

By Darren Johnson

Campus News and Nu2u

Where movie review sites like Rotten Tomatoes have it wrong is that they review movies with the premise that they cost full movie theater prices to see. Where this column, “It’s New to You!,” is different is that it assumes that you found the movie cheap or free. Huge difference.

Case in point are two movies that recently hit Redbox, “Lucy” and “Let’s Be Cops.” They are rated 66% and 18% respectively on Rotten Tomatoes. Almost all of those critics saw the movie in theaters. Continue reading

My investigation into college recruitment web sites

college flyers
By Darren Johnson

Campus News

I know that the trend for four-year colleges who recruit students has been away from traditional advertising and toward more quantifiable, online means, but my investigation into this reveals methods that seem spammy and a little bit scammy (and probably ineffective).

My daughter is approaching college age, and her high school counselor had her sign up with a web site that hooks up colleges with potential students. I won’t name the site, but there are a lot of sites like this. Continue reading

The problem with the Oscar best-picture offerings, and two better viewing options

By Darren Johnson

Campus News and Nu2u

Last year, I made it a point to watch all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees, and they all were entertaining and left me feeling satisfied as the final credits rolled.

And I have no desire to ever watch them again. Continue reading

LaGuardia Community Colleges Lady Red Hawks Play to Shoot Down Women’s Cancer

Jasmin Winter-left, Lady of Snow player, Kristen Deer, right. Photo by  Jessica Stallone.

Jasmin Winter-left, Lady of Snow player, Kristen Deer, right. Photo by Jessica Stallone.

LaGuardia Community Colleges women’s basketball team scored points, but for a bigger prize in mind: a cure for cancer.

The Lady Red Hawks played a fundraiser game against Valley Forge Military Academy in support of scientific research and unity towards curing women’s cancer. The cause hit close to home for many of the team members whose loved ones have been touched by cancer. Continue reading

Dating an instructor is a problem for both involved

By David L. Podos
Campus News

For many college students one of the most sensitive and uncomfortable situations that they may find themselves in is dating their professor. Across many American college campuses, instructors and students are having intimate relationships. An intimate relationship and falling in love is a beautiful thing, but it also has its own set of problems, disappointments, heartbreaks, drama, confusion and so on, as anyone who has been in a loving intimate relationship for any length of time can attest to. Now, add in the complication of dating your instructor and WOW! Things can really become complicated and in a hurry – but, is it all bad?
Continue reading

Dating in the digital age

By Nate Villano

Campus News

Before text messaging and social media, people communicated either face to face or made a simple phone call. Today’s technology has made communication overwhelmingly instantaneous. This can be both a step forward in the right direction, or headed towards a generation of failed friendships and relationships.

“From experience and what I’ve seen my friends go through, I feel like social media plays on the negative side in relationships. People nowadays are so focused on being on social media, trying to make people “like” them based on how they are behind the screen,” said Celene Fren, a junior at the University at Albany. Are we posting for ourselves, or to stroke our own egos and portray an image that may not be so accurate, but seems “cool” to everyone else. Continue reading

Meet Frank Pacella, ‘Prince of the Geeks’

Prince of the Geeks
By Kevin Holt

Campus News

When I first sat down with Frank Pacella, I noticed some interesting things about him.  As most people would, I did not think him to be in the “nerd” culture type.  First, his appearance would suggest upcoming United States Senator rather than Dungeon Master.  From his clean cut hair to his argyle socks to his swagger, one would think he models for JoS A. Bank, not slays beasts for experience points and imaginary loot and profit. Continue reading