Nu2U: Cusack’s mid-career gem gets little love

By Darren Johnson

Campus News and Nu2u

We all know about John Cusack’s early-career 1980s teen classics, such as “Say Anything” and “Better Off Dead.” He was prolific in that genre, even appearing in several other such romps, such as “Sixteen Candles.”

And we also know about his more recent movies – mainly thrillers, such as the well-received “Bag Man” and “Frozen Ground.”

However, unlike most teen stars who faded away and came back in their forties – there are too many to count – Cusack had a great mid-career, too. This guy has never been a has-been. Continue reading

NCC Prof. Mandel appears on “Millionaire”

mandel-millionaire mandel-millionaire2

Nassau Community College marketing professor Jack K. Mandel, a resident of Oyster Bay and regular contributor to Community College Campus News, won a $1000 cash prize for answering a single question on the August 28 taping of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,” a popular game show on WABC TV. Host Terry Crews, who has appeared in such movies as “The Expendables,” “Blended” and “White Chicks,” congratulated Prof. Mandel for his expertise. The broadcast is scheduled to run in early October. Crews, left, is pictured with Mandel.

From the adjunct’s desk: Why professors keep office hours


By David Podos
Campus News

So here it comes, yet another semester, and whether it’s your first or last you should endeavor to begin or end your academic journey on a high note of success.  To do so requires work. For some students their academic studies come easier than others. They also have sound time management skills and know how to maximize those skills to increase academic success. For others they are fortunate enough that they don’t have to work, so more energy can be set aside for studying,  for family life, and personal life.  Continue reading

A look at colleges’ Title IX and the reporting of rape

By Marie Frankson
Campus News

According to the Department of Justice, one in five women will be sexually assaulted during their time at college. Over the summer, numerous schools were under investigation for mishandling sexual assault cases under Title IX of the United States Education Amendment of 1972. Sexual assault is a growing epidemic on college campuses around the country, and no campus is safer than another. In a 2000 National Institute of Justice survey, in 80 to 90% of rape cases the victims and assailants know each other; Continue reading

The start of something new — turning 21 years old

By Justin Little
Campus News

The ability to depress my brain with psychoactive beverages has been raised to legal status. The majority of people have tried an alcoholic beverage or two before they reach this particular age. I will admit that I haven’t had a drink since the day that the age change occurred. It isn’t because a sudden change of heart has come over me, but the excitement in participating in the adult lifestyle as a boastful teenager has lost its luster. Booze was a like a secret lover. Continue reading

Our fall college student buyer’s guide

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As regular readers know, Campus News is often asked to review items from companies large and small. We only review items that actually pertain to our audience, and then, after testing them, usually give them to staff and readers via our Facebook page.

This article’s theme goes with our story on page 5 – things you may need living in a small space, such as a dormitory or an off-campus house with roommates. Its secondary theme is interesting items you may want to have with you when you move to live on or off campus.

The first item that caught our attention was Continue reading

How college students can fit their lifestyle into a small space

By Marie Frankson

Campus News

Many community colleges now offer on-campus housing and with the cramped quarters college students have to live in, it’s important to keep everything organized so you know where everything is, so you can get all of your assignments turned in on time, and so you can just move about the room with ease. This article will focus on the bedroom basics — closet/wardrobe, dresser, and desk — as these are furniture pieces that the majority of college dorm rooms possess.
Continue reading

Interesting People: Huguette Clark

By Kristina Bostley

Campus News

Living until 104 years of age is a feat in and of itself, but that is neither where Huguette Clark’s story begins nor ends. The Paris-born heiress to a Montana copper mining fortune was born in 1907 to 67-year-old William Andrews Clark and his 28-year-old wife, Anna. Huguette’s life began in the spotlight until she turned it off herself in the 1960s, choosing to reside alone inside her multi-million-dollar New York City apartment overlooking Central Park until illness landed her in a hospital for the final 22 years of her life. Continue reading

My new life on the red carpet: Why you should take your internship seriously

Julianne with dad, Scott Mosher at ‘AGT.’

Julianne with dad, Scott Mosher at ‘AGT.’

By Julianne Mosher
Campus News

Sometimes being an overachiever can have its benefits…

Starting school last year was tough. It was my first semester at a four-year institution after leaving my safe community college of six semesters. I moved from a small college that seemed easy compared to this university that had huge expectations of its students.

Working two part-time jobs to be able to afford my education, along with taking 18 credits, made my head hurt… then I decided to take on an internship. Continue reading

Date-rape drugs and the technology to combat them

health highlights icon copyBy Kristina Bostley
Campus News

After a few rounds of drinks, it’s often difficult for young adults to keep track of their drinks — and their inhibitions. The incidence of date rape has climbed steadily throughout the years, and despite the staggering statistics surrounding the touchy subject, they continue to rise. In addition to informing women and men about date rape, researchers around the globe have been developing ways to target and combat drugs commonly used by rapists.
Continue reading

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