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By Darren Johnson
Campus News

Readers of Campus News at New York State community colleges already know about this paper. It has been in the Metro area for four years now.

For the past two years, we also have distributed to a bunch of campuses in New England.

Now, with this issue, we are officially venturing into New Jersey. For now, Campus News will alternate New England and New Jersey every other month, hitting mid-month, after the New York issue hits.

In some of our pitches now, we call this “America’s Favorite Community College Newspaper.” There isn’t another one like it anywhere. Maybe some day we will be the biggest college paper in the world, even factoring in four-year colleges.

The recipe is simple. We have college students, mostly, as writers. We are in regular contact. They get paid. When they graduate, we add more college writers. Some college faculty and staff also write.

The stories we run are a mix of current events and entertainment with at least a couple of stories per issue that could be described as “useful” – genuine advice aimed at college students.

It’s pretty much like any college paper, except we don’t have an office on the third floor of the fine arts building.

Distribution is the tricky part. We hit over 100 racks at 27 campuses now. Many of the racks we inherited from other papers that have gone out of business. We may be the only print newspaper in America that is actually growing. Go figure.

Why do I organize this big effort? I have advised student papers before, have taught journalism and related courses and still do, and really think keeping student journalism alive is important – and the print newspaper experience is different than the online/blog experience most colleges are now favoring.

And doing a newspaper the way we do it, with writers all over the place emailing in stories, and us zapping the paper to a printer 100 miles away, is the modern way. Write to us any time with your pitches, comments, viewpoints, or just to say “hi.” The address: