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The 100

Kristina Bostley
Campus News

Below are previews of TV shows coming out in February and March. Hopefully, some will help you fight the winter blah!


The CW’s new sci-fi drama “Star-Crossed” premieres on February 17 at 8 p.m. The show demonstrates the classic battle for power that begins when aliens (the Atrians) reach Earth. However, a chance meeting occurs in a shed between an Atrian, Roman, and a human, Emery. Years after the Atrians settled on Earth, segregated from the human population, a select few have been allowed the chance to integrate with humans. A group of teenaged Atrians attends a human high school, and it is there that Roman and Emery reunite to form a bond threatened by those who fear the diversity of the two species.

NBC is premiering “About a Boy” at a special time after the Olympics on February 22 at 11 p.m. The show tells the tale of Will Freeman (played by David Walton), who has unlimited money and free time after becoming a hit songwriter. He finds himself befriending the neighbor’s young son, Marcus (played by Benjamin Stockham), originally using Marcus as a ploy to seduce a woman. When that falls through, the boys’ friendship only grows stronger – much to the chagrin of Marcus’ vegan hippie mother, Fiona (played by Minnie Driver).  Watch the friendship blossom between boy and man on February 22 and then in its regular time slot on February 25 at 9 p.m.

The Fisher family walks into town on Sunday, February 23 at 10:30 on NBC. Fun-loving mother Joyce (played by Jenna Elfman) is married to the blind yet kind father Mel (played by J.K. Simmons) – but not for long. Together they have two children, 80s-loving teenager Katie and 11-year-old Henry, both of whom undertake different roles within the household. Katie is very much a typical teenager who frequents the mall quite often and pals around with her mother, who believes she’s still a teen herself. Henry, on the other hand, took on the task of being his father’s eyes and ears. Enter Elvis, Mel’s new seeing-eye dog, who shakes things up quite a bit – especially when it’s revealed that Joyce and Mel are getting a divorce. Tune in to see how the family dynamic changes for the family on “Growing Up Fisher.”

The premiere of “Mind Games” on ABC was pushed up from its original March 11 debut to February 25 following the failure of “Killer Women.” Two polar opposite men cut from the same mold team up in ABC’s new psychological drama. Brothers Clark and Ross Edwards team up to change people’s lives using an unusual technique: they manipulate the minds of others. Clark, an expert in human behavior who suffers from severe bipolar disorder, finds himself in some unusual situations because of his condition. Ross, a con man, has just been released from a minor security prison. Together, the two form a team to twist and turn the minds of individuals, offering their clients an “alternative to fate.”

ABC’s new Manhattan-based comedy will certainly mix up the Wednesday night lineup when it premieres on February 26 at 9:30 p.m. “Mixology” serves up the story of ten single people sharing a night at one of the Big Apple’s trendiest bars in the meatpacking district. Tom, on the market after his engagement ended, and his two best friends, Cal and Bruce, are at the bar to reintroduce Tom to the dating scene. Also ordering drinks are the attorney Maya and her engaged friend Liv, single mom Jessica and her acquaintance Fabienne, and down-on-his-luck Ron. Stirring things up are cocktail waitress Kacey and bartender Dominic. Together, these ten search within the bar for love, lust, and everything in between.


It’s strange enough that an American-born child wakes up in a field in China; but things get even weirder when it’s discovered that 8-year-old Jacob had gone missing over 30 years ago. The quiet boy communicates to U.S. Immigration agent J. Martin Bellamy (played by Omar Epps) that he is from a small Missouri town, and it’s when they reach his home and discover his parents have aged significantly that the plot thickens. Jacob, his parents, the Immigration officer, doctors, and local authorities combine forces to figure out how this phenomenon could possibly have transpired. Tune in to “Resurrection” on March 9 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Bo may be young, but she is far from powerless. In fact, the 10-year-old holds the weight of the world on her shoulders, due to the extraordinary gifts she’s possessed since she was a toddler. Her ability to levitate, read minds, control external forces in nature, and even tell the future has earned her the attention of people that want to kidnap her to use her gifts for evil. The group that cares for her, the True Believers, seek the help of Tate, a wrongfully accused inmate on death row. They help Tate escape from jail on the condition he will keep Bo safe from harm, which involves the pair moving from city to city to stay safe. “Believe” what you see when you tune in on March 10 after “The Voice” for a special premiere on NBC. Make sure to catch the show on Sunday, March 16 at 10 p.m. in its usual time slot.

The nation’s most powerful find themselves powerless when a bus with their children aboard is seized and their children are subsequently held hostage. The new suspense drama by NBC, “Crisis,” is exactly that: a national scandal that affects the most influential people with the most far-reaching control in the nation. The captors turn the hostage situation into a manipulation game somewhat like that in the movie “Saw”; they test each parent to see how far he or she is willing to go to save their child. Tune in on March 16 at 10 p.m. to see the sacrifices parents will make in order to save their children.

Nearly a century has gone by since a nuclear apocalypse eradicated human life on earth. Luckily, a chosen few hundred were living on space stations at the time, and managed to live there for the next three generations. With supplies and resources running low, it’s time to test out the earth to determine if it’s inhabitable by humans once again. The chosen ones – “The 100” – venture into the earth’s atmosphere and are met with harsh conditions, both due to the severe radiation and fights amongst themselves. Life on the space station isn’t much better, and it’s up to these 100 people to decide which life is the one worth living. Catch the show on Wednesday, March 19 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Nate Berkus returns to reality television in a new role, this time hosting “American Dream Builders” on NBC. The competition is simple: 12 designers and home builders are asked to redesign a space in whatever way they see fit, bringing fresh and modern design elements to preexisting homes. Berkus, along with NFL player-turned-architect Eddie George, and interior designer Monica Pedersen, judge the contestants on their creativity and ability to transform shabby to chic in this hour-long show. A contestant is sent home each week based on their design until the finale, when the last two standing must renovate extraordinary Southern California homes. The show premieres on March 23 at 8 p.m.

Also in Southern California is Jack Dunlevy and his family in “Surviving Jack,” a new Fox comedy that takes place in the 1990s. Jack (played by Christopher Meloni) takes over the parenting duties for his two teenagers when his wife decides to return to law school. His son, Frankie, is a freshman in high school, and is starting to experience the woes of the teenage years. His daughter, Rachel, is a smart and beautiful 17-year-old who is learning to manipulate her father once she realizes he has no idea how to discipline a teenage girl. Can Jack hold the family together and manage the daily stresses of teenage life? Turn on your TV on March 27 at 8:30 p.m. to find out!

Rounding out the March premieres is “Friends With Better Lives,” a CBS romantic comedy. Six friends examine their own lives compared to those of their friends to decide who has the best life overall. Expectant married couple Andi and Bobby have a toddler and another little one on the way, but still yearn for the good ol’ days. Jules and Lowell are in the honeymoon stage of a brand new relationship. Single Kate’s successful career takes the backseat when she finds out her only other friend who is single has just gotten engaged. And Will suddenly finds himself single, living the life of a bachelor, yet secretly still aching for his ex-wife. Who has it best? Watch as they decide on March 31 at 9 p.m.

In Case You Missed It: January PremieresImage

“Chicago PD,” NBC’s newest drama and spin-off of “Chicago Fire,” premiered on January 8 at 10 p.m. The show focuses on the Intelligence Unit within the police department in Chicago’s 21st District, headed by Sergeant Hank Voight. The Intelligence Unit often bends the rules and uses unorthodox ways to solve the high-profile crimes they’re charged with investigating. Expect to see a lot of crossovers between “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire” during the season, which airs new episodes on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m.

“Enlisted,” a Fox comedy originally slated to premiere in November, finally made its debut on January 10 at 9:30 p.m. The new show features three military brothers training at a base in Florida. Pete, the oldest, is put in charge of the platoon that includes his two younger brothers. Derrick suffers from a terrible case of middle child syndrome, and as a result continuously creates trouble. Randy, the youngest brother, has a yearning to prove himself to his brothers and the rest of the platoon. See Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young in Fox’s latest comedy act on Fridays at 9:30 p.m.

“Lost” alum Josh Holloway returns to TV in the new CBS high-tech crime drama “Intelligence.” The show premiered on January 7 at 10 p.m. featuring Gabriel (Holloway), an operative who has had a powerful computer chip embedded into his brain. He uses this intelligence to digitally communicate with other technological devices such as the internet, cell towers, WiFi networks, and databases. He reports to Director Lillian Strand (“CSI” alum Marg Helgenberger), who pairs him with Secret Service agent Riley Neal to protect the United States’ greatest technological asset. Together, the team works to combat crime and terrorism in an unusual fashion. Watch it on CBS on Mondays at 10 p.m.

Greg Kinnear stars in “Rake,” the new comedic drama on Fox. The show, adapted from the identically titled Australian series, premiered on January 23. It showcases the daily life of criminal defense lawyer Keegan Deane as he seemingly spirals out of control. His love for women and gambling, among other vices, combined with his lack of self-control both inside and outside the courtroom leave him battling with almost everyone in his life – including his ex-wife, various judges, the Assistant District Attorney, his bookie, and even the IRS. Between his own internal moral conflicts and conflicts within his personal relationships, Deane puts on quite the circus both inside the courtroom and out. Catch his act on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.