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By Professor Jack Mandel, Nassau CC
Campus News

Many of my students often express disappointment regarding their lack of organization. They seem discouraged that they cannot accomplish all they set out to do.

For example, if they are scheduled to complete a term project by the first of the month, many haven’t even sat down on the due date to determine what will be written. I hope that is not YOU (lol). Leading motivational experts are now applying the concept of “personal success contracts” to help solve the problem.

Your PSC can go a long way in helping you maximize your time to reach goals. Your contract should be a written one that clearly states what you have to do. Set a specific time frame and on a daily basis, review it to see if you have moved forward in your goals. Here are some suggestions:

SET MORE THAN ONE GOAL AT A TIME — The rationale here is that if you are delayed in a particular area, you can still move ahead in another. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you reach at least one of your objectives. For example, let’s say you wish to become active in at least three college organizations. Even if you only join one of them and attend regular meetings, you have reached one-third of your goal.

BE SPECIFIC — The best goals to set are those that can be measured. Talk to fellow students and professors to get new ideas and options for your future.

SET A TIME LIMIT — You will have a far better chance of success when you set a time limit for yourself. As an example, I know that my columns must be completed by a certain date or I will miss the publishing deadline for Campus News. If I don’t complete my work on time, it won’t appear until the next issue.

FINISH THE GOAL — Once you have started, strive to reach your objective. Many of my students express thanks when I provide them with a written five-point marketing plan to help them in their business ventures. Unfortunately, at least 50% of them do not complete it. This is a sad but compelling truism.

Finally, RESTATE YOUR GOALS AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE — Say them mentally, write them again, and repeat them to others. The more you sense their importance to yourself and your personal success, the more easily your goals will be met.

P.S. — Enjoy the summer of 2014. You deserve it and so do I. It’s been a long, cold winter.

Professor Mandel teaches marketing at Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY. He is the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Teacher Award conferred by the NYS Association of Two-Year Colleges. He is also a “Best of Long Island Winner” for in the Teaching category from the Long Island Press.