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By Prof. Jack K. Mandel, MBA
Nassau Community College

When the Spring 2014 semester ended in May, my marketing students eagerly volunteered to share their sentiments on what “success” meant to them. The following are some comments:

James W.: “It is the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals no matter how many times you fail. I work in an auto dealership, and if I provide excellent customer service, I know I am being successful on a very personal level.”

Patrick C.: “Success is what you make of it. You have to work hard, maybe even harder than you can imagine, but in the end it can pay off. Be passionate in whatever you do because passion in your career, relationships and school can bring you a long way.”

James S.: “Success is one’s ability to say that you are an authority on, respected in, and in command in the field and ventures you’ve applied yourself to. It’s important to feel fulfilled in every aspect of your life while always itching to want more and to challenge yourself further.”

Danielle S.: “Success is what everyone aspires to, whether it’s how much money you have or just being in the career you love. As a college student, success is more than just passing your classes… It’s doing your best on your exams, assignments and projects. You have to know how to put a 100% effort in all that you do!”

Chris V.: “If there is one key to success, it’s the promise you make to yourself to stay focused on the positive. In anything you do, schoolwork, family relationships, or your job, make sure you give yourself praise; because when you feel good, you’ll accomplish even more and success will follow!”

Meagan N.: “When you accomplish your goals you had set for yourself you are a success. Even though I am still young, being ethical and hardworking will set my tone for the future. I also believe that having healthy and trusting relationships with people who are closest to you will help you achieve your goals.”

As a professor, I take personal pride when my students “step up to the plate.” Sure, there are some who never seem to “connect” with the ball. But, for others, merely to be given the opportunity to “take a swing” is a challenge in itself; and you never know when he/she will hit that home run. I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful summer weather!Image

Professor Mandel teaches marketing at Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY. He is the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Teacher Award conferred by the NYS Association of Two-Year Colleges. He is also a “Best of Long Island Winner” for in the Teaching category from the Long Island Press.