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Tammy-3By Darren Johnson
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I really had high hopes for the new Melissa McCarthy film, “Tammy,” that opened this weekend.

McCarthy had done a round of appearances on talk shows, promoting the film, and I was reminded of her breakout, over-the-top role in “Bridesmaids” and her offbeat and watchable presence in “Identity Thief.”

Though in “Tammy,” the first movie where she is the star, we find a few laughs in the two hours, but, overall, a pretty undeveloped character in a rather formulaic comedy.

Is she over-the-top? Sometimes. Is she moronic — a female “Tommy Boy?” Well, in the first half of the movie. Do we have a reason to like her? Hate her? Not really.

Like “Identity Thief,” this movie will work fine on HBO or Cinemax on some otherwise boring Tuesday night a year from now. But if you’re going to make the $50 investment to go to the cinema, you’d be better off with “22 Jump Street,” or wait for the new “Planet of the Apes” film coming out next week. This isn’t worth your hard-earned money.

Sorry. I really want to like Ms. McCarthy. I do think she has created some funny and unique characters in the past, and it’s great to see a female lead who isn’t rail thin, but “Tammy” just doesn’t develop any of its characters enough, including its lead, and, despite the ensemble cast, adds in a cliched romance to end this with a barf.