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By Darren Johnson
Campus News

This is the time of year we buy pumpkins and similar fall fare, such as hay bales and dried corn stalks. But how much to pay?pumpkin-big

It seems pumpkin prices are all about location. A bright, shiny place by the highway may charge two or three times as much as an impromptu farm stand off of a windy country road.

Supermarket pumpkins, for some reason, don’t look like real pumpkins.

At some farm stands, some items may be more affordable than others.

In any case, here are the prices you should look for:

Large pumpkin (see right): I got that one from an impromptu stand on Route 29 in Greenwich, NY, for $6. A similar stand near Saratoga, NY, was charging $10. pumpkin-stalk

If you go to a place that charges by the pound, don’t bother getting your (or your kids’) hopes up. The final tally will be huge. Just move on.

The medium sized pumpkin pictured was $2, as you can see. The operator said because the stem was broken. Very generous, and that really shouldn’t affect its ability to be a solid jack-o-lantern.

I did get the hay bales for $3.50 each and the stalks for $3 each at the Saratoga stand.

You have to shop around.