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Kevin T. Ellis

Campus News

The ability to save money while attending college may seem impossible. While I’m attending college, it’s sometimes difficult for me to save money, buy some food and pay for transportation. Also many students don’t have a high paying job, to pay for books, transportation and campus food, etc. So it’s a struggle to pay for items and transportation effectively, without breaking the bank account. Honestly! I’ve tried so many methods to spend and save money effectively, and I have a part-time job that pays minimum wage.

It’s ridiculous that a college student has to struggle with poverty to just to get a Bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree. The books are way too expensive to purchase and some professors are expecting you to get the textbook immediately. Then at the same time some professors will advise you to lessen your work hours, so you’ll have more time to study and focus. Now for those of you students who are going through this right now, it’s really a struggle to pass the course without your textbook being purchased. But don’t worry; I have solutions to pass your semester without going broke.

Save on Books
As you go into your local bookstore, whether on campus or off campus, you should look for used books. New textbooks could cost approximately $200 or more, and that’s not including lab material. This could break your bank account. You could buy used textbooks that are discounted at a reasonable price. If not, another option is to rent your textbooks for the semester. If it’s still too much for your pocketbook, then you could also order online; the most common websites that I’ve surveyed are, Amazon, Bigwords or Abebooks. You could also type the title in the google search engine, and you’ll find tons of links to buy or rent that textbook. Another method is to ask your friends or family members who had taken the same course as you to give you the textbook.

Use Alternative Transportation
Many students drive to class, but it seems a majority of students complain about high-priced parking tickets and passes. These students want to have reliable transportation without going broke. But you could take public transportation once in a while, and depending on your location and where your college is located, you could get a student discount for the bus or subway system. Some colleges offer free rides for active students. If driving alone or getting public transportation is a hassle, then consider carpooling; not only is it cost-effective, but also eco-friendly. You could also ride a bike or walk, which is also eco-friendly.

For those who commute, before you go to school, you should make lunch or bring snacks to satisfy your hunger without spending on high priced campus food. You could also use meal plans on your campus. For those who stay on campus, shop at your local supermarket to buy groceries instead of buying fast food, which is very expense after a while. In your favorite fast food joint, ask for coupons or you can print them online to be a smart spender.

Find a Job or Scholarship
I know looking for a part-time job or being in a full/part-time job is hard, but it’s worth it. When looking for a job, make sure it is convenient to your schedule and does not conflict with your studies. Then make sure you make your student account at any bank; save a percent of your earnings in the savings account and leave your spending money for the checking account.

Also look for scholarships. They are everywhere online, or ask your campus student advisor. If you’re already enrolled but haven’t received any aid, keep trying! If your grades are good, many scholarship programs give you the opportunity to apply each semester.

These are the most effective ways to go to school and save money with less stress and struggle. Trust me, I use these method myself to make sure I save for a rainy day.