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By Marie Frankson

Campus News

With the end of the fall semester quickly approaching, many people wonder if their current college is the right place for them or whether they should transfer to a four-year college or state university. When considering which college or university to transfer to, be sure to keep the College of Saint Rose in mind.

Located in historic Albany, New York, in the Pines Hills Neighborhood, the College of Saint Rose is surrounded by various restaurants and coffee shops; the college is located near Downtown Albany which has such places as the New York State Museum, the Egg Performing Arts Center, the Capital Building, and tons of other places, and is only a short bus ride or car ride away from Crossgates Mall, Colonie Center, and Stuyvesant Plaza for some shopping fun.

The College of Saint Rose hosts a variety of sporting events in its gymnasium and at the Christian Plumeri Sports Complex located on Hoffman Avenue in Albany. The college also hosts art and music events, has a bi-annual semi-formal (one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester), and also has a variety of clubs and activities for students to become involved in. There is always something to do in and around St. Rose, and that is part of the reason why prospective students should transfer there.

Unlike many other private colleges, St. Rose has been working to make sure that more transfer students are able to have credits they’ve earned while attending other colleges (like community colleges and state universities). Most notably, St. Rose has expanded its transfer credits to area community colleges — if you have an Associate’s Degree in certain programs, most or all of your credits will transfer to St. Rose, if you are working towards earning a Bachelor’s Degree in business. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all credits will transfer to St. Rose from all two- and four-year colleges, so the outcome of how many credits will transfer varies from student to student, major to major, previous college to previous college.

The cost of attending St. Rose is very important to keep in mind, especially when one is contemplating transferring from a two-year college to a four-year college. The cost of attendance at St. Rose ranges from $25,000 to $40,000 a year depending on how many credits one takes each semester, not factoring in the price of room and board and a meal plan which can easily rack up another $15,000 for a year. Don’t let the cost of attendance scare you, as there are many fees added in, and perks, that come with the St. Rose tuition. The fees that are included into the cost of tuition are a technology fee (use of the college’s computer labs, printers for up to 100 free prints then you must purchase your own prints, wi-fi, etc.), a health services fee (use of the college’s health services facilities, use of the college’s health insurance if a student chooses to purchase health insurance from the college), and a building maintenance fee. Perks that come with the tuition price include being able to ride the CDTA buses for free (just scan your school ID card!), and some coffee shops around the city will also offer a small percentage of your total cost off for presenting a St. Rose ID. Also, despite the steep cost of tuition, many students receive some form of financial aid, grants, scholarships, etc., to help cover the cost of attendance.

Lauren Sears, a transfer student at the College of Saint Rose, talks about her experiences transferring to the college on the College of Saint Rose YouTube page. “I’m a communications major from Albany, NY. I transferred from St. John’s University, and I will be graduating with the class of 2015. I transferred because I heard about the communications department here at St. Rose, and I’ve had such wonderful opportunities since transferring here. I write for the Chronicle, which is the student newspaper, and I was also elected president of Tau Sigma, the transfer honor society here at St. Rose. It’s a great place, so come check it out!”

The transfer process can be very daunting at times, and it’s very important that all steps are completed to the best of your ability. St. Rose’s admissions office can help you to make sure all of your paperwork is correct and are available to help via phone, email, and in person (you can get their information by visiting

Once a student has successfully transferred to St. Rose, there are many ways for him/her to get involved on campus and make it feel like home, such as joining clubs, playing sports, and other activities. For students who may be feeling lost and need someone to talk to, the college has free counseling services and can help make the transition from one situation to St. Rose more peaceful.

Overall, the College of Saint Rose is a college with an excellent reputation when it comes to academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities, as well as professor and staff helpfulness and friendliness. When the students get settled in to St. Rose and Albany, this little community definitely feels like home. St. Rose instills a passion for academics in their students, gives them the knowledge necessary to be successful in their chosen fields, and in turn gives them a purpose as they strive for academic and career achievements. These reasons, and more, are why students should consider transferring to the College of Saint Rose.

Marie Frankson is a junior at the College of St. Rose.