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Enjoy these stores while they last. They may be in some sort of bankruptcy by next holiday season.

  1. Radio Shack — This is one of those stores everyone scratches their heads over. We rarely see anyone in there. The clerks work on some sort of commission, so can be annoying. Batteries, cables and any other accessories are wildradio-shackly overpriced. And why buy tablets, computers and cell phones there when they are available cheaper elsewhere? I guess they still have some retro toys and remote control cars that are kind of cool.
  1. Best Buy — I think this place largely exists so that people who get a big tax refund check or similar can upgrade their 50-inch TV to a 52-inch TV. The store is a monument to suburban greed and keeping up with the Joneses. The problem is, the Joneses are figuring out the online thing for big buys.
  1. Barnes and Noble — Their model has been to close down individual stores, one by one, as opposed to closing the whole chain. I don’t think it’s e-readers that are doing them in as much as the types of books big sellers try to pass off — ghostwritten celebrities’ books get several shelves while the literature sections are in the back and rarely tended to. Serious readers have abandoned the place. They lost their core audience.
  1. A National Sit-Down Food Chain — Think Olive Garden or similar; places that serve processed food and try to pass it off as authentic. At least one of these national chains will be gone by this time next year, as people become more aware of the difference between these restaurants and real ones.
  1. Cartridge Stores — There are a bunch of these chains, such as Funcoland, Babbage’s, etc. Just the market for used games isn’t what it was; there are so many competing systems, these little stores can only have so much room for stock, and new games are cheaper elsewhere, such as online. Plus, people are sick of getting ripped off when they turn in their games for trade. They’ve gotten savvy enough to just sell their old titles online.

Sure, these five examples may still exist in some reduced state in 2015, but don’t buy gift cards for these places, as they may become hard to redeem.