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To the Editor:

Happy birthday to Campus News (article)!  At five years old, it’s no longer a baby but a real kid, on its way to becoming a big kid.  While I was not there for its birth, I’m honored to have been part of its infancy (I think my first article and photo was in the second issue) as well as its time as a toddler.  I hope to be involved for the next phase (puberty?) as well as its entire lifespan.

At one point early on I was in the office of the PR person for one of the colleges where I was doing a story and I showed her the paper.  She told me all the reasons why it will fail.  I’m pleased to say she was wrong.

I love your quote, “one print reader is worth 10 on-line readers.”  I’m going to borrow that if I may.  At a time when print newspapers are disappearing, you not only started one but continue to publish it with no end in site, only a bigger circulation.

As we discussed, I hope to write my first three-part series for the paper in 2015.  If the paper gets any bigger, we’ll all have to call you “Chief.”

Dave Paone
Contributing writer and photographer