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NYDesigns, an incubator, co-working and fabrication space for design and hardware tech startups located at LaGuardia Community College, kicked-off a yearlong series of events celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the launch of NYDesigns’ incubator and fabrication space, at an event on Friday. Since its inception, NYDesigns has served over 9,000 clients, 82 of them incubator residents, and has assisted clients in acquiring over $23.6 million in contracts and over $17.7 million in equity capital.

NYDesigns IO+ aims to build a community of makers in hardware tech and design, while fostering meaningful exchange around the art of making. Upcoming NYDesigns IO+ events include the opening of the upgraded NYDesigns FabLab in 2016.

The Dec. 11 kick-off event, I Make:______, celebrated the creative makers in the neighborhood —from the arts, design, tech, film, TV, food and fashion — through open studios, presentations and a digital exhibit crowdsourced from the audience.

The event featured keynote addresses from leaders in the design and hardware tech communities: Jessica Singleton, Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York, and Despina Papadopoulos, design strategist, systems thinker, and educator. Highlighting trends within the design-tech industry, NYDesigns’ residents and Fellows gave presentations about their work. The event was hosted at NYDesigns’ incubator space on the LaGuardia Community College campus.

“The tech ecosystem in New York City is thriving, and LaGuardia Community College plays an important role, from tech education and job training, to being a prime space for designers and makers of all backgrounds,” said Gail O. Mellow, President of LaGuardia. “NYDesigns is poised to be a main player on this evolving scene, joining together makers and entrepreneurs to think, plan and create collaboratively. The potential for new and game-changing technology and work is endless.”

“NYDesigns at LaGuardia Community College has a long history of connecting enterprising hardware and technology companies to great mentors, resources, events and advisors who share in their passion to grow New York City’s thriving tech ecosystem,” said NYC Chief Digital Officer Jessica Singleton. “Making and new models of manufacturing have swept across all five boroughs, and with quality companies and jobs on the rise, this key sector is inspiring entrepreneurs, creating more opportunities for New Yorkers, and generating activity that benefits the City. We celebrate 10 years of NYDesigns building and fostering meaningful connections around the art of making.”

“I am thrilled to be part NYDesigns’ I Make:______. As a maker, entrepreneur and educator, I know how important it is to have access not only to resources, but also to a supportive and mentoring community,” said Papadopoulos, a professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. “NYDesigns fills a unique space in the city’s maker community and supports one of New York’s most valuable resources: young, driven designers and makers and their vision.”