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Lake George
Lake George

By Kaylee Johnson

Campus News

I am the queen of travel, and here are some suggestions, most of which I am doing to keep summer fun! Enjoy.

Atlantic City – Whether you are a rather good girl like me or you are wild there is something for you to do here. Some of the best restaurants are Carmine’s, located in Tropicana, and personally I love Rainforest Café (but the food isn’t very good; though the atmosphere is adorable!). We like to stay at Resorts, right on the Boardwalk. They have an indoor/outdoor pool, and the hotel isn’t too expensive, but if you are looking for something cheaper there are plenty of off-Boardwalk hotels that are only a mile off that are very inexpensive.  They have It’s Sugar at the end of the Boardwalk in the mall; it’s a huge candy store and it’s one of my favorite things in AC. Lush is also located in the mall, and that has also been super popular (another reason to book your trip to AC).  If you love the ocean, then this summer trip is for you. The ocean is by far the best thing about Atlantic City, so soak up the sun and have some fun!

The Hamptons – I am originally from the Hamptons and I can tell you right now none of the locals enjoy the summer tourists; please, if you are going have etiquette. The Hamptons is a gorgeous place; enjoy your time at the beach and wine tasting and shopping, but remember it is expensive so make sure you are financially ready for a trip like this!

Disney World – Ah! I could go on about this one for hours. I love WDW, but you should be warned it’s going to be hot in the summer months! We went last year for my birthday, and it was 110 degrees in late August! Disney is so much fun and so magical. This would be such a great summer trip, I highly suggest it! And dine at 1900 Park Fare for dinner, and try Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom as well.  Stay at a budget or a moderate hotel; don’t spend $600-1000 a night and come home broke just for a bed to sleep in. We stayed at one of the budget All-Star Resorts and it was fine. Next time I would like to try staying at a moderate resort to see if there is a true difference.

Disneyland – I like Disneyland just a little bit more than Disney World, and I think this would be a much more do-able travel option for cdisney-xmas-etc-07-jan08 291 copyollege kids. If you don’t know this already, Disneyland is in Anaheim, California; there are two parks, Disneyland and California Adventure. A 2-3 day park hopper is the best option, but don’t spend your money on an expensive Disney Hotel; stay right across the street at one of the budget, or otherwise known by Disney as “good neighbor hotels.” Staying at one of these hotels has more advantages than you might guess: you can walk in and out of the park within 10 minutes and beat the traffic and parking fees, and you are saving a lot of money. Another good tip is that there is a McDonald’s across the street from Disneyland; leave the park and eat there for lunch if you are on a budget. Getting into another subject, Disneyland is only 3 short hours from Las Vegas!

Las Vegas – My family and I do a trip every year where we fly into Vegas every year and stay there for a few days, drive across the desert to Disneyland and maybe visit a few relatives, and then drive back and spend the remainder of our trip in Vegas before we fly home. I am from New York so the weather is beautiful in comparison when we go in February; but I know it gets very hot in the summer, so take that into account. If you aren’t a party lover, there is still stuff to do in Vegas. I love M&M World and in Henderson, Nevada, only about 15 minutes from the Strip, is the Lion Habitat. The lions that used to be in the MGM are located there, and you can see cubs, giraffes, and even have the opportunity to have interactions with them! I also love going to see the dolphins at the Mirage! Don’t be afraid to stay at a hotel off-Strip. It can be just as much fun, if not more fun!

New York City – I cannot even describe how much I love the city, being born and raised a Hamptons girl, my family and I would go up on a whim almost every month, and it was pure bliss. While some people find peace in a quiet trail walk, I find peace in Times Square. It’s easy to do the city cheap; you don’t need to go into every expensive store; instead limit yourself to the top 5 things you want to shop for. Otherwise window shopping and exploring are also very enjoyable.

The Bronx Zoo – The Bronx Zoo is one of my most favorite places in the world! I highly suggest going. If you’re an animal lover, you will appreciate it just as much as I do. You can pack lunches and bring them in to save money, but unless you live nearby, I don’t think that’s a good idea. It is so amazing seeing these animals, and if you are anything like me and iffy about zoos because of the way they treat animals, go here. Their animals are treated like royalty!

Saratoga Springs – I currently live near Saratoga and I can tell you it is a beautiful place; nothing overly special, but pretty. The state parks and shops are nice, but if you are choosing between Saratoga and the Hamptons, choose the Hamptons. If you happen to be here, though, try eating at the Olde Bryan Inn!

Lake George – Lake George is highly overrated; it’s a lake (keep in mind you really can’t swim past your shoulders because of the buoys and overzealous lifeguards) and swarms of people eating nasty pizza in the arcades. There is even a tacky Frankenstein’s Castle. I wouldn’t suggest it, honestly, and that’s from a person who lives near there.