SCCC’s theater program gets ‘Antisocial’

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A Suffolk County Community College Theater Arts study abroad program named “one of four outstanding proposals” by SUNY earlier this year, and awarded a SUNY Chancellor’s Grant for Innovative Study Abroad Programs will kick off the fall semester by welcoming a Romanian theater group to the college’s Ammerman Campus later this month.

The performance on September 27 at Suffolk’s Shea Theatre on the Selden Campus is produced by Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu, Romania and Lucian Blaga University and will feature a performance of Antisocial.  Antisocial is the story of high school students in Romania who create a secret group on social media. The teachers find out, infiltrate and take action; with the support of some of the students.

Next spring, Suffolk County Community College Theater Arts students will collaborate with students from Lucian Blaga University utilizing the SUNY Collaborative Online International Learning Model that employs a variety a technological tools (social media, Skype) in a team taught class.  The students will travel to Romania next summer to perform with their Romanian counterparts at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The Sibiu International Theatre Festival has grown in importance and prestige since its founding in the early 1990’s and attracts participants from more than 70 countries, has hundreds of scheduled events and in years past has attracted more than a half million spectators during its 10-day run. Attendees include performing arts groups, filmmakers and critics.

“This is a remarkable opportunity for our students to not only participate in study abroad, but to collaborate and perform with their contemporaries starting from their laptops to such a prestigious international festival,” said Suffolk County Community College Director of Theatre Arts and Academic Chair Charles Wittreich, Jr.

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