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Middlesex Community College has been awarded a $2,205,024 U.S. Department of Education grant to expand its work on student success. To be distributed over a five-year period, the grant is part of the Title III Strengthening Institutions Program. This program helps eligible institutions expand their capacity to serve low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability.

Grant funds will be used to implement the “eMCC: Success From the Start” program to improve the student experience and better assess academic performance. Funds will be used to improve the technology infrastructure used by both students and the institution.

“Middlesex plans to use this grant support to employ smart data and focus on student retention and success programs that will help keep our students on campus through the successful completion of a degree and position them for an educated entry into the workforce,” said President James C. Mabry.

The program will be implemented in two parts. First, the Student Experience portion of the plan will include the development of a comprehensive self-service program for students that will help them with enrollment, planning, advising, and success.

Second, the Academic Progress portion of the plan will help shape student success by providing faculty and staff with an analytical 360-degree digital view of student progress. This data will allow faculty and staff to better assess academic progress and provide timely interventions or guidance to promote student success.

“This is thrilling news for Middlesex Community College and will have a direct and immediate impact on students who are seeking to further their education at our campuses in Lowell and Bedford,” said Mabry. “Once again, the support of our federal partners Congressmen Tsongas and Moulton is helping further the mission of higher education and provide pathways to success for our students.”