No need to leave the country — just come to New York!

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By Darren Johnson
Campus News

I get it. You are really disappointed in the outcome of the election. How did the country get to the point where electing a reality-TV star for president makes sense?

Some celebrities, like Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus and Bryan Cranston, even said they’d leave the country if Donald Trump were elected.

Well, guess what happened? Turns out, no one cares what celebrities think, though I’m a bit disappointed in the Walter White actor’s response. I mean, he did handle Tuco Salamanca just fine.

But while you may despair, there’s no reason to actually leave the country.

Why not move to a heavily blue state, like Trump’s own New York? (It’s also the state Hillary Clinton adopted, because she knew she could easily win here as she launched her political career as Senator.)

You don’t have to live in expensive Manhattan or some other crowded borough. There’s affordable land upstate. Where I live, a Democratic assemblywoman won easily and the Green Party ran a whole slate of local candidates. It’s not un-progressive.

And the most powerful Democrat in the country, Schumer’s cousin Chuck — a born politician who seems to be at every small-town fair (I don’t know how he does it) — was easily reelected here. He will be minority leader. At the very least, that will protect New York from a lot of right-wing federal initiatives.

So, if you don’t like what happened in the national race and want to move, you may not actually have to go through the hassle of moving overseas, or to Canada/Mexico.

New York has the Hudson River and Erie Canal, the Adirondacks and Catskills, caverns, falls, halls of fame, quaint little towns, great food, some gun control and a social welfare safety net. It may be the most European-style state in the Union.

And, the state hasn’t really hasn’t grown much in decades, as a lot of retirees and others have left for the South, leaving behind affordable homes, often in great school districts. Jobs have moved back to the state, though; the Capital Region has become a high-tech hub, for example.

So, cash in that plane ticket for Coppenhagen and see you in Saratoga Springs!