Marketing VIPs visit Nassau Community College

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On September 29, over 100 marketing and public relations students at Nassau Community College on Long Island enjoyed a unique learning experience. Lifetime Fitness, one of America’s most popular upscale family fitness facilities, provided insights into the marketing and mission of the organization. The management team led a timely discussion to those in attendance. Marketing Prof. Jack Mandel arranged for the field trip.

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On September 22, Bruce Jacobson, publisher of Long Island Fitness and Health Magazine, was invited to speak to over 100 students at NCC. Mandel had extended the invitation for him to be “Guest Professor for a Day.” Jacobson spoke about his personal and business options in the publishing field to a very focused group of students.

Prof. Mandel remarked:

“While textbook theory is a fine educational tool, I personally advocate having students absorb information from ‘the real world’ of business. Mr. Jacobson was an outstanding example of someone in the field sharing his life experiences with my students.” The “Guest Professor” series brings in practitioners from business and media to share their hands-on knowledge with students.

Pictured, top: NCC students. Middle: Lifetime Fitness’ Michael Tuesca, Phil Zerante and Doug Newhook. Bottom: Jacobson and Mandel.