Campus News podcast/radio station needs content

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Are you ready for your 55 minutes of fame? Campus News is gearing up to launch its podcast and radio station, Just as this newspaper has survived in an era when most community colleges are abandoning or shrinking their print newspaper operations, we’re hoping CampusXM survives as colleges close down their radio operations.

What we’re looking to do is combine radio and podcast formats, where shows are both live-streamed and downloadable, and have contributors submit shows in 55-minute mp3 segments. Broadcasters would get a regular time slot; and it can be bumped up to a better time slot, if it proves to be popular. Broadcasters can insert their own commercials during their 55 minutes. These can be affiliate pay-per-call ads, like those you hear in other podcasts, or they can promote their own items for sale. Campus News will insert five minutes of its own ads at the end of each 55-minute broadcast to pay to maintain CampusXM. A broadcaster may also submit a two-hour show, in two 55-minute segments.

We’re looking for unique programming. Contact us at to get your timeslot!