Campus News 2.0 will break up the paper into regions

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We’re breaking up. Well, we’re trying to. With the “death of mass media” and all, Campus News is pursuing version 2.0, where we become even more of a niche publication. We will do that by breaking up into regions, where student and professor writers can have regional “beats,” and where advertisers can hyper-target. We expect this to happen by February or March.

logosFrankly, it’s a logistical nightmare and probably isn’t going to save print journalism, but we’re trying because we do believe that real newspapers have value, and we know that the vast majority of these papers still get picked up. It’s just that the advertisers have gotten more persnickety in recent years, due to the hyper-targeting that the Internet provides. (Not that Internet advertising actually works…)

That said, we do think that print isn’t dead, and will make a comeback, even. Fake news on the Internet only helps print media justify itself better, as, at least, a print paper requires some public accountability.

So we created this cartoon that says we’re breaking up and came up with these new logos in Photoshop. Which region does your school fall into?

Another bonus of doing this is, for serious journalism students who currently don’t have a school paper to call their own, here’s a chance to be in charge of something. If you’re up to the challenge, you can be the Long Island Editor or Writer of Campus News, for example, or New England, etc. We will be able to appoint seven such people.cnbreakup

As far as advertising goes, it will be cheaper for small businesses that only want to reach one particular region. By “stopping the presses” and switching plates, we will be able to only print the ads in the region where the business/college is.

We’re also working on a radio/podcast entity (see separate story).

If you’d like to get involved editorially, or if you’d like to help us out by advertising, or by selling ads, then please contact us via email at For now, look for us in divorce court!