Just in time for the holidays — the PDF version of Campus News!

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By popular demand, here’s the PDF version of Campus News! Read what we’re up to for the holidays in this simple PDF format that will open easily on any device or computer!


Campus News is a popular student print newspaper that hits dozens of two-year colleges in the Northeast!

Editorially, it’s the only paper on most two-year college campuses in the region and enjoys a phenomenal pick-up rate. Students look forward to it each month because of its useful and entertaining stories, written just for them. Campus News gives these often under-appreciated community colleges the coverage they deserve, sharing positive news, feature, sports and entertainment stories about the campuses.

From an advertising perspective, it’s the only venue that reaches this unique niche. The smartest two-year students on these campuses are intellectually curious and pick up the paper each month. These are the students most likely to transfer to four-year colleges, thus, why Campus News has a loyal following of four-year college advertisers.

To write for or to advertise in Campus News, contact us at cccn@cccn.us.

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