SUNY Student Assembly issues statement on ‘sanctuary campuses’

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“As President of the Student Assembly, I want to assure students that current SUNY policies and practices prioritize the safety of all students. SUNY prides itself on openness and accessibility – and I will do everything I can to uphold these values.

“The term ‘sanctuary campus’ does not have a uniform definition which makes unconditionally supporting the term difficult and irresponsible. However, if it means ensuring that all of our students – regardless of their citizenship status – are protected under the Fourth Amendment, if it means students can walk around campus without fear of being stopped and asked for proof of citizenship, and if it means not voluntarily offering up the personal information of our students – then I stand fully committed to this principle. I am thankful to learn in a system and state where this is a reality.

“We are aware that there are various petitions circulating across several campuses on this issue. We support and encourage students to make their voices heard. We stand squarely in the corner of students. We also pledge to continue working with SUNY leadership to maintain these ideals as they are the bedrock upon which our system was founded. This is not a border, or a port of entry, or a crime scene; it is a University.”

About the SUNY Student Assembly 
The Student Assembly of the State University of New York (SUNY SA) is the recognized student government organization representing the nearly 600,000 students of the State University of New York. Comprised of student leaders elected by their peers from across SUNY’s 64 campuses, SUNY SA is committed to empowering students throughout the state, and ensuring the representation of its members on the state and national level, as well as throughout the SUNY system. 
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