SUNY Student Assembly weighs in on New York Votes Act

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Student Assembly members strongly support the New York Votes Act, a recently introduced measure by Attorney General Schneiderman to increase voter registration and generate heavier turnout.

Less than a month ago, the Student Assembly echoed a similar message, passing a resolution in support of same-day voter registration.

“We are incredibly excited to advocate alongside the attorney general in his fight for modern and inclusive voter registration measures,” said Marc J. Cohen, Student Assembly President and SUNY trustee. “Students want to be involved and they want their voices to be heard. On behalf of SUNY’s 600,000 students I am proud to pledge our support to any measure that increases access and participation in every election.”

“Attorney General Schneiderman has initiated an important conversation here,” said Alex George, University College Representative & author of resolution. “I am hopeful that the New York Votes Act gains traction, while sparking future conversations about the primary restrictions that inhibit unaffiliated voters in this state,” he continued.

“The foundation of this country lies upon a bedrock of participation in the democratic process,” said Rey Muniz, director of Legislative Affairs. “Our generation has already shown that we have the power to change electoral outcomes. We now need to enact reforms that empower us to do just that.”

He continued, “Given our prior commitment to the issue, you can be sure SUNY students will be playing an active role in this issue going forward. To Mr. Schneiderman: You have 600,000 allies in the students of the State University of New York.”