Commentary: We have to realize, we’re stuck with Trump

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By Takara Lawrence
Campus News

When Obama was heading toward his end of term, this is when my eyes began to open. I started to have this urge to understand what it means when one President has to hand over the country to someone else. When it finally came down to the final two candidates, for most people it was a hard decision to make. There were people struggling with the idea of only voting for one candidate because they were a woman or the other candidate because they were not a woman. In the end the decision was made based off of “alternative facts.” Facts that are not real but people want to believe them to make themselves feel better about their frustrations. We are all frustrated, and with frustration we may tend to believe anything anyone says. Unfortunately, we have “fake news” trying to make us believe things that are not real.

I recently watched President Donald Trump’s press conference announcing his Secretary of Labor. I gathered that he is always on the defense, ready to defend himself no matter what.

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Hey, Donald, at the end of the day, you won – you are the President – move on and show us your true intentions.

He pretty much stood at the podium, telling reporters to shut up; that they are “fake,” and giving out more “alternative facts.” If you are the one speaking lies, how can we trust you? To say you want to update the American people on the incredible progress you’ve made in the last few months is comical to some.

The ban you imposed is not incredible progress. Stating that all these jobs are coming back because of you, Mr. Trump, is misleading. They are coming back because of new regulations, and some have been in the works before you took office. Why are you taking credit?

When he started taking questions from the reporters, I cringed at his responses. Saying the press has become so dishonest and have become a tremendous disservice to the American people is not true. The press is doing their jobs, asking the questions and reporting on Trump is saying.

This is just one press conference that was given, but we all know there will be more. He states he inherited a mess, but each President was inherited a mess; it is what they did with that mess that counts.

He did win the Presidency, and no one can take that away from him. He is now a part of our history. No matter what, he is our President; and if he fails, we as a nation will look weak. We need to realize that we need to come together as the American people and understand each other and our wants and needs. This is how we will come out of this stronger.

Takara Lawrence is a recent Marketing grad from Nassau Community College and now attends Fashion Institute of Technology. She hopes to one day act, write, and produce her own television show.