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The late-spring issue of Campus News is full of useful and interesting stories, along with some humor and plenty of surprises.

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This issue has a teacher’s perspective on the student stereotypes that may ring true, an interesting piece on how to take college notes, and another on how writing a good term paper is like being a great chef. We also learn about Publisher Darren Johnson’s worst undergrad professor, and how he had to use one of that professor’s tactics recently when teaching a class.

Entertainment reviews include Noah Smith’s look at “Logan” and “It’s New to You!” peeks at Netflix and Amazon Prime series that may be popular but also are huge time-wasters.

Our faculty contributors give great advice on writing the right resume and how to interview once you get a call from an employer.

Lighter pieces examine what if Pokemon Go were real and how to bling up your graduation. Sports looks at the NFL’s NFC East pre-draft.

Find out where rapper Wale will be performing, why you can use TED Talks, Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month, the value of foreign students on a community college campus, how to lessen your stress and more.

It can’t hurt to give this issue a look. If you’d like a paper copy, just let us know by writing editor@cccn.us. Subscriptions also available.