-30- WIRE is a new PR service that does single campaigns for only $399

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Now every small business, not-for-profit and special event can have its own PR team.

-30- WIRE is a new service — started by PR pro Darren Johnson — that focuses on single campaigns of a month or less with a single flat rate of $399 with no up-charges or commitments.

“A lot of businesses need a good dose of PR, but they are wary,” Johnson said. “I’ve come up with a pricing system that is affordable and is sure to achieve a profitable ROI, or your money back.”

Johnson — whose PR placements have landed everywhere from The New York Times to “The Today Show” — has made an agency like no other. “No retainer, no extra fees, no gimmicks — it’s simple; we get you free, pertinent placements in a lot of media outlets that you couldn’t get on your own. The added media results in more customers knowing about you. It also adds quality to your brand.”

-30- WIRE — named after the iconic “-30-” symbol PR folks and journalists alike have historically used to close a story — will interview key players, research your local media outlets and craft a story that will result in free press.

“What’s the value of free press? Generally, a story placement is worth a lot more than a similarly sized ad placement in the same publication, and ad space is expensive to buy,” Johnson said. “And our pitches not only appear in traditional media, but also can have a life of their own in cyberspace. -30- WIRE is an exceptional value.”

Some PR campaigns that will result in a very profitable ROI:

  • Promoting a concert, dinner, exhibit, show or other special event will definitely result in a higher sale of tickets.
  • Promoting a milestone for a business — an anniversary, an ownership change, a new location, etc. — will result in more foot traffic.
  • Feature stories on a business owner or institution will result in stronger brand trust and more loyal customers.
  • Feature stories on a not-for-profit will result in more donations and volunteerism.

“With -30- WIRE, we’re breaking all the rules. You don’t need a long-term contract or special services to get more business,” Johnson added. “We can help you out, just one month at a time. No commitments or worries. We’re very optimistic that this new service will help you achieve your goals.”

Social media and other ads not working for you? Try a -30- WIRE PR campaign. There’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Johnson is only taking on a handful of clients for Summer 2017. To schedule your PR campaign, visit www.30wire.com.

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