Herkimer signs transfer agreements with Cortland and Cobleskill

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Herkimer County Community College recently entered into a new articulation agreement with SUNY Cortland. The agreement creates a seamless transfer into Cortland’s bachelor of science degree in Recreation for Herkimer College students who complete the associate in science degree in Recreation Leadership.

Additional requirements of the agreement include achievement of a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5, although program admissions standards may be higher; fulfillment of specific course work outlined in the agreement; and completion of the SUNY Cortland application process.

Herkimer College students successfully transferring to SUNY Cortland under the terms of the agreement will enter with junior status. The maximum number of credits that can be transferred is 64. Students will also receive a waiver of the Cortland General Education requirements.

Herkimer College also recently entered into a new transfer agreement with SUNY Cobleskill. The agreement establishes procedures to promote the east transition into the  Bachelor of Business Administration B.B.A. upon completion of the following degree programs: Accounting A.A.S., Accounting A.S., Business Administration A.A.S., Business Administration A.S., Marketing A.A.S. and Sports and Recreation Management A.A.S. 

SUNY Cobleskill guarantees admission of students who complete the specified A.A.S. or A.S. degree at Herkimer College and meet the following requirements: a minimum 2.25 cumulative grade point average, fulfillment of specific courses outlined in the agreement, and timely completion of the SUNY Cobleskill application process. Herkimer College students successfully transferring to SUNY Cobleskill under the terms of the agreement will enter with full junior status.

Herkimer College has more than 150 transfer agreements with four year colleges and universities in both the private sector and SUNY. More than 60 percent of Herkimer College students transfer to continue their education after graduation.

For more information, contact Kimberly Palmiter, Advisement Center Specialist (Transfer Services) at Herkimer College, at 315-866-0300 ext. 8308, Kimberly.Palmiter@herkimer.edu or visit www.herkimer.edu/transfer-agreements.

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