Campus News introduces ‘newspaper in a box’

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Campus News is now offering everything a student journalism team will need to revive or start their own campus media effort for one low fee — only $89 per month with a one-year commitment. The effort is called “Campus News in a Box” and is backed by the stellar reputation of the eight-year-old, New York-based independent student newspaper.

This offer is open to any school department, staff member, faculty member, official club or individual student who would like to operate a single-campus news operation.

Once approved, subscribers will get both print and online templates and access to training videos. They also will get the latest print/HTML5 design software, QuarkXPress 2017 (although Adobe InDesign may also be used). Subscribers will get web access and WordPress templates that are optimized for Google News (so that stories will go out to the world), as well as access to dozens of evergreen student stories, photos and cartoons every month. These stories and illustrations can help understaffed campus journalism groups fill out their newspapers and online publications with useful, appropriate content.

Subscribers can adapt everything to their wishes, or merely just add their logo banner to existing templates. This subscription service is as easy or as expert-level as needed. With QuarkXPress 2017, student journalists can also easily add video and other interactive elements to HTML5 e-publications.

As well, this service may quickly pay for itself — and even make a profit. Subscribers will have access to paying national ads. As well, they may also acquire ads from their local markets and keep 100% of the revenue!

“Campus News in a Box is an exceptional add-on for existing student media efforts; and an all-in-one solution for new media efforts,” said Campus News publisher and longtime college media instructor and award-winning journalist Darren Johnson, who is leading this effort.

Campus News will also help subscribers with domain names and server space, if needed, and Campus News staff will be available for scheduled video conference calls to help out.

“Our primary goal is journalism education, and not only keeping journalism alive on college campuses during trying times for the field, but also expanding it,” Johnson said. “Now, anyone can modernize or start a new campus publication, without needing to be an expert in graphic design or HTML. With this all-in-one package, we’re allowing new journalists to focus on their stories. We’ll help with the rest.”

This is a brand new service. To inquire about getting a Campus News in a Box subscription, write Johnson at