Campus News FULL EDITION! October 2017 — SIMPLY THE BEST!

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The latest edition of Campus News doesn’t disappoint and is, quite frankly, spectacular. While all other student newspapers across the country are shrinking and retreating to the shadows of the Internet, Campus News pushes forward with a bold and ambitious print-first philosophy that really is rocking and rolling. This is no hyperbole. Quite simply, Campus News is doing amazing work no other student paper — scratch that — no other newspaper anywhere in the world — is doing. It’s growing in a time of otherwise journalistic crisis and malaise.

Why is that? Well, look at the issue above. No fake news. No weird code tracking you and your every movement. No odd popups.

Campus News gets great pickup because it’s the one authentic lifeboat in a dangerous sea of gimmicks and drama.

Please, celebrate with us — our student and faculty writers and the advertisers who dare to be different — and enjoy this edition.

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