Profile: From community college to NYU

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By Ed Mongue
NCC Marketing Club

Jonathan Salazar, member of the Carl Farbor Honors Program at Nassau Community College, has been accepted into New York University for Fall 2018.

Jonathan is an active influencer on campus, participating in extracurricular activities as President of The Marketing Club. He is currently interning at Daymond John’s marketing and advertising consulting firm, The Shark Group. During his time at NYU, Jonathan will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Management with a concentration in Marketing Analytics.

Any advice for students?
“Don’t just let the time go by,; get involved on campus and learn what it means to be a student leader. My leadership on campus has helped me develop skills that will help me advance in my field. Take the opportunity and utilize every resource that is available to you. Start internships now, flirt with as many companies as you can.”

What made you go back to school?
“After a 5-year gap, I decided it was time to go back to school and leave my job. I realized that I was mistaking being happy for being comfortable. I felt like I was stuck in my career. I was uneducated and only had sales experience selling cars. I didn’t want to be a salesman my whole life, and this is when I made the best decision of my life by going back to school. I walked away from a great income because I believed in my bigger picture. If you have this feeling, take a chance and allow yourself the opportunity to open new doors.”

Jonathan is aspiring to become a CMO one day, and is practicing every step of his plan to make it happen. When speaking to Jonathan, he mentioned something that stood out to me. “When I want to accomplish a goal, I write it down. Once I write something down, it means something to me. I promise it to myself, it holds value,” he states.

We should all practice this theory. Jonathan is a guy who understands that hard work beats talent, when talent isn’t working hard.

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