Campus News to go monthly for 2018-19!

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Campus News – the popular student newspaper widely distributed to 37 community colleges in the New York Region and beyond – will become a full-fledged monthly paper in the 2018-19 academic year.

Begun on February 1, 2010, Campus News has seen steady growth these past eight-plus years, while other papers have either shrunk or completely disappeared.

The paper traditionally took two months off in the summer, but, considering that campuses have all become year-round with a wide array of summer courses, the demand for the paper has also grown to 12 months a year.

As a bonus, annual advertisers can retain last year’s 10x rate and get two issues free!

Even in this digital era, Campus News has maintained a high pickup rate with its print edition by being colorful and truly relevant to its audience. Its success is proof that college students will indeed pick up print publications, if they are specifically geared toward them.

The paper uses student writers and faculty for content and provides useful stories that promote student success, as well as inform and entertain. As most community colleges no longer have print newspapers, Campus News has become the de facto publication at many schools. Its advertisers are largely four-year colleges and other businesses that want to hit this otherwise unreachable market. Community college students are in school to better their lives. They transfer to universities and shop locally, thus are receptive to such advertising.

To advertise in Campus News for the 2018-19 academic year, and to get last year’s 10x rate PLUS two issues free, book your space now. Contact publisher Darren Johnson at 518-879-0965 or at

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