Darren working with Thomas Johnson (no relation), who designed the Campus News template.
Working with Thomas Johnson on design.

In February 2010, the first issue of Campus News hit a dozen two-year colleges in the New York Metro area. Since, the paper has expanded Upstate as well as to Lower New England and New Jersey. It now hits 37 campuses and prints over 110,000 issues a year.

Campus News is a 32-page, full-color, tabloid-size newspaper. The campuses embrace it. Student readers love it. Its student writers go on to prestigious four-year journalism programs and intern at top national publications. Advertisers feel it’s the best way to directly reach college students in the country’s No. 1 market.

Publisher Darren Johnson — a longtime college instructor and administrator and former New York Press Association “Writer of the Year” — keeps the integrity of the product high while streamlining production, making it a safe and affordable place for advertisers to be and a respected venue for college faculty/staff/student writers to be published.

Regular writer Julianne Mosher interning at Cosmo.
Regular writer Julianne Mosher interning at Cosmo.

Staff Box, 2017-18 (thus far)
Regular Writers: Writers are usually college students, very recent grads or staff/faculty, including Telijah Patterson, Prof. John DeSpagna, Peter Briguglio, Gianluca Russo, Prof. Jack Mandell, Laura LaVacca, Jonathan Lopes, Kaylee Johnson, Aumma Begum, Alex Wieckowski, Purnasree Saha, Dave Paone and Prof. Steven Levine. Additional writers include the publisher/editor, the occasional student freelancer and college interns working for the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire.

Publisher/Editor: Darren Johnson, editor@campus-news.org.

Original Layout Template: Thomas Johnson.

Regular writer Gianluca Russo shows his cover story in the Times Union.
Regular writer Gianluca Russo shows his cover story in the Times Union.

Photos and Art: Photos are taken and/or provided by the authors of articles or are archive/stock or PR images, unless noted. Comics and puzzles are provided in agreement with Tribune Content Agency.

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