About Campus News and QuarkXPress

Campus News’s print and digital publications are proudly made with QuarkXPress 2016. The newspaper is working on its transition to QuarkXPress 2017 with its exciting new release this year.

Longtime user and college instructor Darren Johnson will be offering non-credit classes in and installation of QuarkXPress 2017 starting in June at community libraries and on college campuses. QuarkXPress is the ultimate print and e-publication layout program, and will be taught at beginner and intermediate levels all summer long. He also will be selling educational versions of the new program for permanent use. Students should contact Johnson beforehand to get the correct version of the software on their laptops. See form below.

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Johnson has taught QuarkXPress for Long Island University and currently teaches the Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, as a part of his communications courses at The College of Saint Rose. He can explain the differences between the programs and help users transition to QuarkXPress, which he feels is the stronger, much more affordable design program.

“As a newspaper publisher, I have been using QuarkXPress loyally since the days when it came on diskette, and also am deeply familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite, teaching that, too, at the college level,” Johnson said. “I’ve been using the beta version of Quark 2017, and it’s amazing. Its output of professional-level, printer-friendly files is second to none. As well, its ability to export HTML5 and Apple iOS apps is a game-changer for the company. We’re going to fall in love with Quark all over again with the official 2017 release!”

The cost of the educational program — which has a perpetual license for use (unlike with Adobe, there are no annual subscription costs) — plus the training is only $375 per user for either Beginner or Intermediate classes. Or book both Beginner and Intermediate courses together, running consecutive weekends, at $525 including full software installation. Classes are limited to 10 students. Student must attend at least one class to qualify for the special educational software price.

Johnson also has QuarkXPress 2017 campus-wide site licenses for sale for college students/faculty at only $99 and college newspaper clubs and other college departments, priced at only $999. USE THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON ON THIS PAGE TO PURCHASE. For QuarkXPress 2017 site installation plus training for college students and staff, prices start at $1500 plus travel expenses. Commercial installations and training for other businesses are also available. Please inquire for more details.

“As a company, QuarkXPress is making an amazing comeback, and is offering a wonderful product that is not only much more affordable than Adobe InDesign — with no annual subscription fees — but is actually more user-friendly and, in all of the important ways, superior to the Adobe’s product,” Johnson said. “I’m happy to help spread the word about QuarkXPress 2017 with these training sessions, and to reintroduce this amazing design program!”

Fill out this form to learn more:

Don’t want to use the form? Email quark@cccn.us or call 518-879-0965.

“Learn how to create great print and digital publications, or, if you already are in the business, help get your publications up to date with this cutting-edge reinvention of an industry-standard program,” Johnson said. “Even if you have InDesign, adding this program will enhance your efforts — and at this price, what’s there to lose? I hope to see you at one of our training/installation sessions.”

Classes are filling quickly. To book a class and/or institutional installation/training in your area, contact us now. Thank you for your support.