Write for Us

If you’re a college student interested in journalism, writing and/or photography or a faculty/staff member with something to say, we can use your help. Consider writing for us!

Stories should be of interest to college students and apply to current trends in the college world. For the print edition of Campus News, specifically, stories should apply to community college students in the Northeast. For the online edition, stories may apply and use sources from any US college, whether community, 4-year or graduate. While we sometimes publish first-person essays, typically, a story should be in the standard journalistic style with quotes from students and at least one expert.

For our printed newspaper, we generally pay writers $35 for an assigned story of 800-1200 words. We pay $10 for original photos and $10-20 for reprints of stories you’d published previously in other publications (with permission). We also consider cartoons and other appropriate content. Stories that appeal to college students in the Northeast have the best chance of getting in. To ensure getting into the print edition, be sure to give us your best effort. We can’t pay for first-person commentary and op-eds but do run them. We also cannot pay non-student writers, or for stories that only appear online. Our deadline for the print edition is the 24th of each month.

You may also submit web-first stories. These appear on Google News as well as our own site. This is a great publication credit for a student writer! We may pull some of these stories into the print edition.

Ask your college’s Internship Office if Campus News qualifies for a potential internship/co-op (you’d work from home, but we’d be in regular contact via phone and online means). If that is OK, we’d be happy to consider your application and handle the required paperwork.

We also run stories by faculty, staff, administrators and recent grads. Send us a pitch.

We prefer Word files to be in “.doc” format and photos/art to be JPGs. Contact us at editor@cccn.us with your stories, photos and ideas.