Campus Voices: Which class are you looking forward to most? Least?

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By John Tyczkowski
Campus News

For the start of the school year, we asked students at Manchester Community College in Connecticut which classes they most were looking forward to most/least this semester.

“I’m really looking forward to Algebra. I don’t really have any classes I’m not looking forward to, I’m excited for them all.”
– Alex Clelland, General Studies

“I’m really excited for Human Biology. And I think my least favorite class will be Film Study.”
– Gabrielle Stratidis, General Studies

“I can’t wait for Criminal Investigation. I like all my classes but I guess I’m least excited for Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice.”
– Nicholas Laurito, Criminal Justice


“I’m definitely looking forward to Biology, but I’m not excited for Intro to Literature.”
– Olivia Francoline, General Studies

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