Conan O’Brien saves us from a really disgusting “Walking Dead.” Thanks, Conan!

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By Darren Johnson
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Thank goodness for Conan O’Brien.

Sunday’s return of “The Walking Dead” was creepy — even by that shows standards. It started off with the usual gang and some marginal extras lined up, tied up, and kneeling before a trough in a slaughterhouse. Thankfully, the stars were at the end of the trough, as the first few characters were hit on the backs of the head with a tinny sounding aluminum baseball bat, then had their throats slit, blood filling the trough and pouring down a drain. Then, there was an interruption and our stars were able to make their escape.

The immense popularity of this show perhaps is giving its writer and director a chance to push the envelope, but they are also pushing this show out of the mainstream. Several years into this zombie reality, it’s getting to be too much.

So, in the “Talking Dead,” a wrap-up show, after, the creepy writer and creepy director were on the couch to discuss the show, along with Conan O’Brien. Remember him?

And, like the guy with the aluminum baseball bat, he hit home runs.

It was a great appearance for Conan. I had forgotten how much I used to like him, before his “Tonight Show” debacle and his current hiding in the shadows of TBS.

After a pretty disturbing show, he had great insights regarding some of the absurdity of what we’d just watched. For example, why was the human slaughterhouse kept so clean? Could a health inspector walk in at any minute? And what about the newest villain, who is TV’s first hipster bad guy? This flock-of-seagulls wimp should be a barista at Starbucks.

The “Talking Dead” surely calmed me down. They even explained how the baby — a twin — wasn’t really close to being strangled to death. Those arms you see around her neck really are her dad’s. Phew!

Oh, I’ll keep watching. Next week, the person in the Conan chair will be the guy who played Badger in “Breaking Bad.” Perhaps a step down, but the show preceding “Talking Dead” surely can’t be as brutal as Sunday’s premiere. Can it?

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