Movie review: “Ouija” is simply a money grab; avoid it

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“Ouija” is a ridiculous teen horror flick with an inconclusive ending, demonstrating further that this piece of garbage is just a money grab for producers, hoping to con a public into a sequel.

The movie uses the typical movie types; smug guys and girls who look like characters from other movies. They kind of have this Kristen Stewart depressed affect down pat.

For me, for a horror movie to work, it has to follow a certain logic. Yes, it can include the supernatural – “Ouija” has evil spirits who are channeled through an Ouija board, fine – but when the supernatural happens, there should be some reaction in reality. For example, in “The Shining” it was noted the cops couldn’t come right away because of a winter storm; or the kids at Camp Crystal Lake were pretty secluded, so they were trapped. I have to be able to rationalize why they are at risk and can’t be helped.

In “Ouija,” the spirits start knocking off the teens in gruesome ways, in a normal city. But, meanwhile, the parents decide to go on a vacation after the first spirit-induced horrible suicide, and the cops don’t seem to bother figuring out a pattern when other weird suicides happen. The school district doesn’t seem to care much, either.

This isn’t in Crystal Lake. This is in a city. Maybe if we cared about these smarmy characters, we could forgive all the leaps in logic, but, ultimately, this isn’t worth your popcorn time.

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