Molloy makes transfer students feel at home

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By Laura LaVacca
Campus News

For the second consecutive year, Molloy was recently named a “Best Value” school by Money magazine. This ranking placed the college ahead of all schools on Long Island. In addition to this welcomed news, Molloy has also opened two new residence halls in the last four years. The dorms now house about 250 students and were recently ranked the best in New York State. rated Molloy’s campus #13 in the country for safety.

The college has over 50 academic programs to choose from and many internship experiences. Programs ranging from education to nursing to business all have low faculty to student ratios of about 10:1. In January 2016, the College also opened the Hagan Center for Nursing, designed to support its nationally-ranked nursing program. The Hagan Center features the latest technology in classrooms and laboratories. Each of the seven laboratories houses approximately 20 high tech simulator men/women and children that students practice clinical procedures on. This will help prepare them for real-world experiences in hospitals and other medical facilitates.

Dean of Admissions, Marguerite Lane wants incoming students to know that Molloy is a small community where students receive “personal attention.” The campus is close-knit with many faculty guiding students and ensuring they graduate on time.

“Some classes are as small as 8 students and being in a more intimate setting like that, you really learn to appreciate the student-teacher relationships you can form,” freshman Sara Miller explains.

Freshman Anne Collins piggy-backs, “There’s about 3500 undergrad at Molloy – we’re no longer a super small school, but at the same time I know I can never walk anywhere on campus without seeing loads of people I know.”
This may help ease the anxieties of students leaving the comfort of a previous campus or high school, who perhaps are uneasy about the transition to college life. This is exactly what the campus of Molloy College is prepared for and understands.

Molloy prides itself on the many programs it offers and the propensity to make all students, from transfer students to commuter students, comfortable and involved. With a retention rate of 89%, it’s clearly working.

Collins explains, “The Molloy community has played a major role in my transition from high school to college. As a commuter student, I know a lot of people worry that college will still feel a lot like high school, but I can honestly say that this is most definitely not the case. There is much that the Molloy community has to offer, and if you take advantage of it and immerse yourself in all there is, you’ll definitely have that full college experience.”

Dean Lane also notes that Molloy has many welcome programs in place including different orientations for different types of incoming students, “We have an orientation for transfers. They are a different population than those who are 18 year old incoming freshmen from high school. Instead, they may be 20 or even 60 year old students from different backgrounds.” There is also a transfer day event and welcoming committee to help students adjust and receive mentoring.

In addition, the college website has a section devoted to incoming students and a multitude of resources. Admissions counselors are available to sit with students and evaluate credits, program choices and help incoming freshman students on their educational journey.

When finally accepted to campus, don’t stop using the many resources Molloy has to offer. “One of my favorite things on campus is the writing center.” Miller continues, “This has been very helpful in the transition from high school to college because it lends an extra hand in writing — something that becomes way more important and appears more in college than in high school. It really helped me transition my high school level writing to what was expected of me in my college classes.”

Other opportunities include many on-campus events and global trips where students can experience studying abroad in a much shorter time span of 7-10 days.

“Student life here is very exciting. There are always events and activities encouraging us as students to spend time together and get to know each other better. Molloy provides a fun and safe environment. For example, on holidays like Halloween the school has a Halloween party giving us an opportunity to stay in if we choose not to go out.”

In addition to the many resources and events on campus, the location of Molloy is also a plus. Students are in a great locale for internships and careers, being under an hour away from Manhattan. Molloy graduates’ starting salaries have ranked among the highest in the country in surveys conducted by Georgetown University and also Additionally, ranks Molloy as #4 in the country for colleges offering studies in the healthcare professions.

“Every day is fun and different, and that’s one of the things I love the most,” Collins asserts. “As corny as it sounds, Molloy truly is my second home. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Take the advice of freshman student Collins and remember: “You get out what you put in here. There are so many opportunities, and if you take advantage, get involved, and make the most of each day, you’re going to be presented with opportunities that you would have never imagined.”