Fall fashion tips for college students

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By Gianluca Russo
and Margaret Ketchen (pictured)
Campus News

Despite the indecisive weather conditions, fall is officially in session. And whether you’re most looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, or bonfires, fall also brings some of the best year-round fashion possibilities.
Wondering what to put in your shopping cart? We went ahead and compiled a list of five fall fashion guidelines to help you dress to impress in any situation.

Black is your best friend when it comes to fall fashion. Not only is it easy to mix and match colors with black, but, when properly fitted, it can appear to slim you down those few extra pounds. Make sure that your black clothing of choice is not oversized or too tight. Finding the perfect size will cast a slim illusion on your body, making for the perfect look in pictures.

Constant black can get boring, however, so try changing it up with different fabrics and textures. Take a step back from the all cotton outfit and throw on some leather, fringe, suede, etc. Items made from silk or linen may be too thin for the weather, so consider adding some wool into your closet. fash3

Accent colors are the perfect match for a black outfit. Throw on some bright jewelry, accessories, or lipsticks that will pop against the black, making for an all-around stunning look.

Denim can cause more harm than good if not worn correctly, specifically when matching two denim pieces together. Darker shades of denim should typically be worn on the bottom as they create a smiling affect, much like black: lighter shades of denim will draw attention to the body part they cover. Typically, wearing a light denim top and dark jeans is the best way to go. It’s almost smart try to stray from wearing two matching denim pieces.

Don’t feel combined to blue denim, however. Try throwing some black or white jeans into the mix. Black jeans go great with flannel, whereas white jeans match perfect with a light blue denim jacket. Denim hats, shoes, or accessories are a no, however: keep the denim strictly for the clothes.

Aside from a baseball cap, hats can be tricky to match with an outfit. Beanies are great for a more relaxed look, whether you’re heading to the apple orchard or sitting around the campfire with friends. Fedoras and berets work well with more sophisticated look, whereas flat tops may be more suited for a fashionably casual look. Woven hats are a big no for the fall though, save those for sundresses in the spring and summer.

Jumpsuits are a more suave, sophisticated, and sexy look. Keep it simple with a solid colored jumpsuit and spice it up with a chunky necklace or belt. Depending on the weather, throw on a fur or heavy overcoat when temperatures start to drop. Put away the flats and match the jumpsuit with a heel or wedge. Don’t be afraid to try out different jumpsuits, however, whether it’s strapless or high neckline. When it comes to purses, clutches are the perfect match when sporting any style jumpsuit.

Sweaters and Scarves
When it doubt this fall, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a sweater. Late to class? Throw on a sweater. Too chilly outside? Throw on a sweater. Too lazy to dress elegantly? Throw on a sweater. Sweaters are simple, comfortable, and even fashionable when worn in certain ways.

Matching a scarf with a sweater may cause some turmoil, but don’t fret! Thicker scarves, including knitted ones, are the best choice for larger, chunkier sweaters. Thinner sweaters will work well with a thin scarf and a nice fall jacket.
Change up the way you tie each scarf, rather than always using the same method. Here are 12 options to spice up your scarf game according to helloglow.com:

French Knot
Knotted Necklace
Double Sided Twist
Scarf Wrap
Neck Wrap
Cozy Neck Wrap
Knotted Shawl
Classic Loop
Rolled Loop
Double Loop
Classic Pull Through.

With these five guidelines in mind, don’t be afraid to try out new styles this fall! At the end of the day, feeling comfortable in your clothing is what truly matters, so make sure to pick pieces that express your personality and make you shine for all to see.

Gianluca Russo and Margaret Ketchen are students at Schenectady County Community College (also pictured).

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