Happy birthday, QuarkXPress! Campus News offers its advanced design software to students, faculty and staff for only $99!

Using QuarkXPress 2017.

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Campus News, the largest community college newspaper in the world, is designed using the professional desktop publishing software QuarkXPress.

“It’s a wonderful program,” publisher Darren Johnson, who also is a college communications faculty member, said. “I teach Adobe InDesign, but prefer QuarkXPress in my professional life. It’s faster, more intuitive and creates a perfect PDF. Campus News wouldn’t have survived for so long without it.”

Campus News is an award-winning publication that hits 37 campuses in the Northeast, proving print isn’t dead among younger people. But QuarkXPress 2017 is helping Johnson diversify the paper with its unique digital add-ons.

“Now, QuarkXPress is helping Campus News get to the next level. It not only creates printer-friendly publications, but also allows us to make interactive HTML5 e-publications, e-books and even iOS apps. We look forward to implementing all of these great things in the 2017-18 academic year.”

In celebration of QuarkXPress’s 30th birthday, Campus News is offering the academic version of this amazing $849 Mac/PC program to all students, faculty and staff (with proof of campus affiliation) for only $99! THAT’S A $750 SAVINGS!

Campuses and their school clubs, including student newspapers (in print and/or online) can get QuarkXPress for all campus computers (Mac and PC) for only $999.

In both cases, these are perpetual licenses — unlike with Adobe, there are no subscription fees; you own QuarkXPress 2017 forever!

“I, of course, have Adobe products on my machines, but adding QuarkXPress 2017 for only $99 is a no-brainer. For most important layout projects, QuarkXPress is my first choice. It’s a terrific tool to add to my design toolbox,” Johnson added.

It’s obvious why professionals may choose QuarkXPress, but why would other users?

Our layout in QuarkXPress. Click to expand.

“The interface is very intuitive,” Johnson said. “And many students, faculty and staff simply can’t afford a subscription-based program. I see them using Microsoft Word or Publisher to create fliers and newsletters — and the poor quality shows, unfortunately. Now, with QuarkXPress 2017, they can create professional-looking fliers, newsletters, newspapers, posters, epubs and much, much more. Producing better publications means better grades for students, more readers for publications and more attendance at promoted events. For just $99, students, faculty and staff can take their creative work to the next level — and impress many!”

To get started, either email Johnson at quark@cccn.us or visit http://cccn.us/quark. He’s happy to share his QuarkXPress templates, as well, with buyers.


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