Watch the Campus News vignettes in partnership with Tank Media Network below!

Campus News has partnered with college-student-led Tank Media Network to bring you, dear reader, a series of vignettes aptly titled “Campus News” this coming semester.

“Campus News,” the TV show, finds the troupe humorously playing various editorial roles at this student paper.

Tank Media Network is an internet entertainment enterprise created by South Carolina natives Brandon Lorick and Keith Millender, of Charleston Southern University in South Carolina. The players are students and alumni and also include Jordan Rudd, Ariel Ruff and Josh Kerr.

The troupe hopes to perform some TMZ-style vignettes this semester based on Campus News student paper.

“We’re taking journalism education to a hilarious new level,” Campus News publisher Darren Johnson said. “This troupe has a lot of talent, and we look forward to working with them this year.”

In stories posted thus far, “Questions With Cindy” mimics a newspaper advice column. A reader writes in, wondering how she can determine if her boyfriend is a serial killer.

“Chief editor” Tom Levine – like Campus News, the newspaper – tries to dispense “useful” advice for students. For example, straight-faced, he advises students to “go to class” and “do assignments” to achieve success.

(Yes, we admit that occasionally our advice is, “Duh!” to some.)

In any case, Campus News is happy to pursue this partnership. More entertainment to come, after a word from our sponsors…